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    okay, I will keep as short as possible. I am living in the past. I bought my phone off amazon (blackberry has informed me verizon was the carrier) and it will not let me update past 10.2. I had a q5 before that was updated to 10.3.? unfortunately I gave it away before realizing how much of an issue this would be. I have tried every step possible with and without my sim card. Now for most recent: I downloaded sachesi 2.0.3. It is recognizing my phone but will not connect. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have turned all device passwords off, I have turned on development (although apparantely not necessary), I have logged out and closed blackberry link (my phone connected to it fine), I have tried different country/carrier codes (although without my phone being connected do not think will make a difference), I tried rebooting my phone/computer/everything. someone please help, what am I doing wrong? I am not very tech savvy but I can generally work my way through these things and I am starting to get frustrated. all the forums were 2 years old so i thought I would start a new thread with hopes someone has figured this problem out and can help me. again, I know I am in the past with this phone but I am not ready to give up my Q10, although if I could I would go back to my Q5 as it seemed better (probably because it updated). any help is great, Thanks!!
    07-28-17 06:36 PM
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    07-28-17 07:35 PM

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