01-10-14 11:05 AM
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  1. stanggreg90's Avatar
    I tried that it didnt work
    09-08-13 03:54 PM
  2. GedZju's Avatar
    nice..need full theme for our bb z10 :P
    PrettiiBadOne419 likes this.
    09-08-13 04:08 PM
  3. willowbeast's Avatar
    I can't seem to find an answer to this, has anyone loaded a different contact bar who is on 1443 and got contacts to work?
    09-08-13 06:24 PM
  4. EchuOkan1's Avatar
    I installed the dark calendar and contacts and it looks awesome! Thanks Elite Team (I still call you by your initial name). =0)

    Posted via CB10
    PrettiiBadOne419 likes this.
    09-08-13 06:24 PM
  5. nkumar23's Avatar
    Works on .1047
    09-08-13 07:16 PM
  6. howarmat's Avatar
    Seriously how hard is it to stay on topic? I told you to drop the OT chit chat yesterday. Last request.
    saint613 and mugen27 like this.
    09-08-13 07:24 PM
  7. Phil Schulte's Avatar
    Contacts didn't work for me at first, it always reseted itself back to the light theme. Had to reinstall the OS in order to fix it. I'm currently running .1443!
    09-08-13 07:47 PM
  8. saint613's Avatar
    Calendar works, but takes a couple of minutes to show up after reboot, contacts work, but doesn't stick to dark after reboot on my Z10 w/.10.2.01371. Contacts can be changed back to dark though. Not a biggie.

    I appreciated this leak good to see/try.

    I love 10.2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Same leak I am running, both work read my previous posts in this thread.

    Posted via CB10
    09-08-13 08:07 PM
  9. tk0596's Avatar
    Calendar and contacts both working for me on my STL100-4 running Wu-Wei's latest hybrid and 1443 overlay. Thanks Leak team.

    Posted via CB10
    09-08-13 08:10 PM
  10. mcky's Avatar
    Thanks, much appreciated.
    09-08-13 08:12 PM
  11. mzceetee's Avatar
    Thanks BerryLeaks appreciate a new look for my Z..work like a charm..
    09-08-13 08:24 PM
  12. ARWestenberger's Avatar
    I might be one of few, but I find that I prefer the apps in light theme. It looks cleaner and more professional to me... to each his own though I suppose

    BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | | In Squircle We Trust
    09-08-13 08:32 PM
  13. 9085Sam's Avatar
    Will change white to black on tha BlackBerry Q5

    Posted via CB10
    09-08-13 08:36 PM
  14. anon5781939's Avatar
    Installed it on .. working perfectly n its really beautiful!!
    09-08-13 08:40 PM
  15. Mozdony's Avatar
    Really Nice! Worked like a charm on STL100-3 on the AT&T network running Blackberry OS Downloaded the file, extracted the two BAR files and moved them to my desktop for easy reference. Launched Google Chrome and then the Blackberry Playbook app manager. Connected my Z10 and switched it into developer mode, inserted password and IP address of the phone and then clicked on sideload apps on the app manager. Then used the app manager to load each of the two files and then unplugged the Z10 from my computer, switched off developer mode and followed the instruction on the top of this thread. Worked like a charm. Thanks Blackberry Leak Team!
    09-08-13 08:40 PM
  16. MyFirstOwnUsername's Avatar
    beautiful, dark theme should be default
    09-08-13 08:47 PM
  17. yohannyphm's Avatar
    Did it on my STL100-3 1443 worked on calendar and contacts. When I did a reboot contacts changed to light and upon opening settings dark was still selected so I selected it again, minimized by sweeping from the bottom and hard pressing X and it came back dark upon opening again.

    Thanks leak team

    Posted from the best mobile device Z10
    saint613 likes this.
    09-08-13 09:58 PM
  18. toobs623's Avatar
    I might be one of few, but I find that I prefer the apps in light theme. It looks cleaner and more professional to me... to each his own though I suppose

    BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | | In Squircle We Trust
    I find that the dark theme is very useful at night. Doesn't blind your night vision :-)
    09-08-13 10:01 PM
  19. LoGGo's Avatar
    Working on Z10STL100-1/

    Surprise! DARK THEME Contacts & Calendars are back! - Love: BerryLeaks-img_00000008.png

    Posted via CB10
    esiguil likes this.
    09-08-13 10:33 PM
  20. jagungturbo's Avatar
    works fine on my STL100-1 OS 1521
    can't wait for another surprise
    09-08-13 11:26 PM
  21. wilkto's Avatar
    Hello, loaded as instructed, 50% is not bad. At least I get a chance to see what the full theme could look like in Calendar. Contacts will not change over. Running leaked 1521 on 100-1, z10. Thanks.
    09-09-13 12:06 AM
  22. dejanh's Avatar
    Got it to work. Required side loading again, this time with the development mode enabled. Without it the BAR sideload would not take. Used Sachesi beta 24.

    Thanks all!

    Posted via CB10
    09-09-13 12:17 AM
  23. aluv's Avatar
    Thanks for these bars, nice to play around with on a Z!

    I'm on a -3 with .1443. (Installed / Security Wipe / then Restored (yeah))

    Calendar works, but Contacts won't take.

    For Contacts, Noticed that it's not just the setting for Dark/Light, though, that's not being saved.
    If I turn off Twitter in Contacts,
    it turns off Twitter contacts just for the current session while I have Contacts open.
    After closing and re-opening Contacts, Twitter is back on.

    Probably related to my having restored.

    I just wanted to throw it out there that the issue with the setting not taking in Contacts (for me at least) isn't just for the Light/Dark Theme setting.

    Posted via CN10 with Z10STL100-2/
    09-09-13 02:19 AM
  24. dwgelowitz's Avatar
    Works on .1047
    Calendar worked for me on 1047 but contacts just keeps defaulting to light everytime I close and re-open...it also turns back on the contacts I don't want to display. Ie: I turn facebook contacts off and set theme to dark. I've closed and opened and facebook contacts are checked on again and theme is light...I've even held x for 3 or 4 seconds to make sure contacts closed and same result...I've also rebooted with these changes and same result...so contacts for me aren't working but calendar worked perfectly.
    09-09-13 04:38 AM
  25. dwgelowitz's Avatar
    Does anyone have a bar file for contacts from .1047 they could link to? Thanks.
    09-09-13 04:55 AM
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