09-17-14 08:49 PM
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  1. moody's Avatar
    *trenchcoat full of USB sticks*

    Hey... want an autoloader?
    Bocephus has spoken.
    Last edited by moodyk13; 09-17-14 at 06:39 AM.
    09-16-14 08:52 PM
  2. MeerMusik's Avatar
    Thank you very much!

    Vielen Dank!

    Via CB10 App / Z10-2@
    09-16-14 10:37 PM
  3. tdyhedge's Avatar
    Bicephus has spoken.
    At least spell his name right... BOcephus...

    Via my simply amazing ? Q10
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    09-16-14 11:35 PM
  4. thatplaybookguy's Avatar
    WE LOVE AND THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. FROM OUT HERE IN Newfoundland to the California coastline, to Japan and Australia and all the way back to CB HQ, Thank YOU for being the best of the best!!!!
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    09-17-14 05:30 AM
  5. moody's Avatar
    At least spell his name right... BOcephus...

    Via my simply amazing ? Q10
    I don't know what you're talking about
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    09-17-14 06:39 AM
  6. nwansukka's Avatar
    Thanks Guys, these tools are life savers for me, makes updates, etc a breeze
    09-17-14 06:54 AM
  7. clie610's Avatar
    Agree....thanks so much to Thurask for the most invaluable library that you compiled and Darcy and Xsacha for providing tools to get new OSes as well as sideloading tools when needed.

    And everybody in CB who are sharing their problems so that others can find the way to solve it. Happy to be a member of this forum!
    09-17-14 07:06 AM
  8. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Never heard of any one of the girls, what are they famous for. Pole dancing.

    Posted via CB10
    You would know Slff LMAO!
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    09-17-14 09:36 AM
  9. Cobalt232's Avatar
    *trenchcoat full of USB sticks*

    Hey... want an autoloader?

    Hey ... want patched Google Play services?
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    09-17-14 09:37 AM
  10. kkcsivaram's Avatar
    Thanks guys... keep up the good work...

    Posted via CB10
    09-17-14 10:55 AM
  11. B_Berry's Avatar
    Thanks guys, for your hard work and dedications!! Cheers
    09-17-14 11:51 AM
  12. wincyUt's Avatar
    Yes indeed, these guys are truly kind. Words can't express how grateful I am.
    09-17-14 04:03 PM
  13. RexdaleNap's Avatar
    Yup, I remember sacha he has been helping with sideloads for a long time.
    moody likes this.
    09-17-14 06:33 PM
  14. bbquincar's Avatar
    Don't forget all the guys who were looking after us before BB10 hit the streets.

    RROY for his legacy OS leaks and of course Sator for the wonderful BL Hybrids that power my 9900 to this day !!!

    RRoy and BL Hybrids where the really deal for the legacy phones for real.
    09-17-14 08:49 PM
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