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    Finally, 10.2.1.xxx leaks are giving us an option to set caller whitelist. I have used phone calls only profile to set list of people for whom phone, email and sms notifications are enabled while for all other possible callers all notifications are disabled. Shame that profile name cant be changed but its not so important.
    If you whish to set selective silent profile, go to notifications, select phone calls only, dont turn off any global setting, go to apps and turn off separatly all notifications (dont turn off all alery slider). Then, set contacts and asign custom tones (not default option because default is notification disabled). Its not most elegant solution but it works.

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    12-26-13 01:51 PM
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    Sorry, such customization is still not possible. Per App notification settings are the same for all profiles, so if you disable phone ringing in only phone calls profile, it will stay disabled when you change profile to normal.
    12-27-13 08:39 AM
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    Wow, u had my hopes up. I thought that I had missed something.

    Posted by a proud NRA supporter
    12-27-13 09:27 AM

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