05-10-18 01:10 AM
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    Oh I understand completely how boolean functions work, it's just the documentation (stating defaults) led me to (mistakenly) believe that the defaults would be applied as documented, unless overridden by responses during the questionnaire function (e.g., an argument with assigned default of True would be True, unless specifically responded to with N/False). When in fact the documented default values appear to only be applied for those arguments not queried by the questionnaire function, and therefore become False for any questionnaire items not responded to (i.e., simply pressing Enter) rather than receiving the documented default.

    It's counter intuitive in my experience, but now that I understand how it works, I know how to properly use the tools.

    01-05-16 04:24 PM
  2. sdgardne's Avatar
    Hello again, Thurask.

    I do so dislike bothering you with these challenges, but this time I have seemingly completed a successful run, but the result is that the ZIPPED folder is completely empty, and I can find nothing anywhere that appears to be the actual resulting 7z files. Here is a screenshot of how I initiated the run:
    Some autoloader tools-capture1.png
    Here is the section where it appears to compress the files...I notice the execution time for each compression seems to be rather short:
    Some autoloader tools-capture2.png
    And here is how it finished:
    Some autoloader tools-capture3.png
    Given my initiation selections, I fully expected the EXE's to be gone (and indeed the folder that contained them is totally gone...as expected), but I then expected the 7z files to be in the ZIPPED folder, but that is totally empty. I have searched my entire system and they are nowhere to be found.

    Your thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    01-05-16 05:28 PM
  3. thurask's Avatar
    Stamping out bugs is worth the challenge.

    Do you have the latest 7-Zip? 15.14 was released on Thursday.

    For future reference, instead of redownloading the bar files, you can call archivist.exe from a command prompt in the same folder with the --no-download switch. So with all the bars in the root folder,

    archivist --no-download
    If you already have 15.14, or if it still compresses too fast, perhaps a different method?

    archivist --no-download -m zip
    01-05-16 07:22 PM
  4. sdgardne's Avatar
    Do you have the latest 7-Zip? 15.14 was released on Thursday.
    Ahhh...that may have been it. I did have a rather older version of 7z, now with this version I result in the full set of 7z files, all properly in the ZIPPED folder. It may have been either that or the fact that I recently updated my Win system to Win10...I am sure I did not re-install 7z after that, just let MS migrate it as part of the Win10 install...perhaps some of the hooks didn't make it and archivist couldn't properly call it. Either way, it's working now.

    And thanks for the --no-download tip...made it much faster since I still had the necessary bar files locally. Still 02:47:14 in total, but skipping the DL stage did save time in the overall.

    Thanks again for all you do for the community. I'll be sure and post any other bugs I discover (if any).
    01-06-16 12:31 PM
  5. thurask's Avatar
    2.4.0 on Pypi/GitHub.
    • Several bugfixes
    • Exporting saved software release lookups now has an optional available-only filter
    • Checksum/signature generation now in parallel
    03-06-16 06:21 PM
  6. IFCArea51's Avatar
    Thanks Thurask!

    Posted via CB10
    03-06-16 10:08 PM
  7. thurask's Avatar
    2.4.1 on Pypi/GitHub.
    • .tar "compression" support
    • Priv autoloader scanner (bb-privlookup)

    For the autoloader scanner, input the branch (3 letters), start of OS scan range (1-3 digits), end of OS scan range (1-3 digits).
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    03-12-16 10:49 PM
  8. muindor's Avatar
    Wow great to see the development, the Priv Autoloader scanner will hopefully be used many many times.

    Thank you Thurask!

    03-13-16 05:45 AM
  9. thurask's Avatar
    Fun fact, you can run this on Android.

    What you need: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...m.termux&hl=en


    1. Install Termux
    2. Open Termux
    3. Run the following:
      1. apt update
      2. apt upgrade
      3. apt install python
      4. pip list --upgradeable
      5. pip install --upgrade <whatever pip list --upgradeable gave you>
      6. pip install bbarchivist
    4. Enjoy!

    Some autoloader tools-screenshot_2016-03-18-13-10-50.jpg
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    03-18-16 01:19 PM
  10. thurask's Avatar
    2.4.2 on Pypi/GitHub:
    • Priv autoloader scanning now truly multithreaded
    • Internal cleanup
    • One year anniversary
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    04-11-16 08:36 PM
  11. muindor's Avatar
    Wow one year already!!

    Thank you Thurask for the great work here.

    Happy anniversary

    04-12-16 03:59 AM
  12. thurask's Avatar
    2.5.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Priv autoloader scanner can now scan for hash files instead of actual zips
    • Internal cleanup
    • BBNDK metadata scanner (FWIW)
    • New theme for online docs
    • Git commit hash now in "scriptname -v" output
    05-02-16 01:38 PM
  13. thurask's Avatar
    2.5.1 on Pypi/Github:
    • Now uses simplejson library for faster JSON parsing
    • Kernchecker can now check the android-linux-utils repo in case
    • Privlookup now has default values for stop and start (000 and 999)
    • App version now much more verbose: "bb-kernchecker 2.5.1" is now "bb-kernchecker 2.5.1-ga392773 committed 2016-05-16 20:43:31 -0400"
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    05-16-16 08:19 PM
  14. thurask's Avatar
    2.6.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Update cap to
    • Running bb-cfp -v or bb-cap -v now lists cap/cfp version
    • Privlookup can now look up single OS releases with the -s switch
    • Carrierchecker can now pull up the Wikipedia MCC/MNC list with the -c switch
    • Fix autolookup email not working
    Last edited by thurask; 07-01-16 at 05:41 PM.
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    07-01-16 02:59 PM
  15. thurask's Avatar
    2.7.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Privlookup -> droidlookup, can now check DTEK50 releases
    • Add devloader script for scanning Dev Alpha autoloader URLs (URL scheme definitions in bbconstants.json)
    08-09-16 05:48 PM
  16. thurask's Avatar
    2.8.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Droidlookup can now search for Priv and DTEK50 in a range, one after the other
    • Droidlookup argument refactoring
    • Swlookup for directly checking software releases
    • Add info file generator (infogen), replace hash files as default
    • Autolookup gains -p production only switch
    • Linkgen can now generate SDK image links (if available)
    • Fix kernchecker only reading partial list of kernels/tools on Github
    09-04-16 04:11 PM
  17. thurask's Avatar
    2.9.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Droidlookup now scans for all devices at the same time by default
    • Generation of SHA-3 hashes added (requires Python 3.6+)
    • Several bug fixes
    • Autolookup URL export, lookup export, SQL insertion now run in separate threads
    • Internal refactoring
    10-02-16 06:34 PM
  18. thurask's Avatar
    3.0.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Droidscraper script: paste the contents of BlackBerry's Android autoloader page into your terminal
    • Barlinker script: generate a bar file URL given app name, version and software release
    • Droidlookup now picks up DTEK60 autoloaders
    • Internal refactoring
    11-01-16 03:10 PM
  19. thurask's Avatar
    3.0.1 on Pypi/Github:
    • Fix error with broken Verizon links during URL generation

    Note: the tool I use to make the standalone packages broke something, so they'll have to wait. You're better off with using it through a Python install anyway.
    11-20-16 09:39 PM
  20. thurask's Avatar
    3.1.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Move from cx_Freeze to PyInstaller: .exes are back!
    • Fix some arg errors with archivist and autolookup
    • Add default case to downloader if none of debricks, cores or radios were specified (debrick + radio)
    • Fix typo that made Blitz links break
    • Fix path issues with lazyloader
    • Fix threading issues with anything that was multi-threaded
    • download_dats script now uses git to ignore changes to Git LFS tracked files
    • Minor cleanup
    12-06-16 08:30 PM
  21. thurask's Avatar
    Just a quick note, the latest Git commit should make network operations (downloads, BB10 scans, Android scans, etc.) somewhat faster.
    12-14-16 06:26 PM
  22. thurask's Avatar
    3.2.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Most network operations now use one session per instance (i.e. loops should be faster now)
    • Archivist and lazyloader can now use cached bars in the right OS/radio subfolders in the bars folder
    • Loader generation no longer generates an intermediate offset.hex file
    • GPG agent disabled, should make running GnuPG related tools with GnuPG 2.1.x slightly less painful
    • DefusedXML library used, just in case
    • Link generators now omit zero-length links
    • A lot of internal refactoring and unit tests
    • Archives on GitHub now signed by me
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    01-02-17 01:17 PM
  23. thurask's Avatar
    3.2.1 on Pypi/Github:
    • Update JSON to work with files newer than (hopefully)
    Last edited by thurask; 03-27-17 at 07:10 PM.
    01-24-17 01:15 PM
  24. thurask's Avatar
    3.3.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Now packaged with Python 3.6
    • --no-alpha2 flag now --no-2 flag (i.e. skip both beta2 and alpha2) for lookups
    • Fix HTTP header issue that broke scraping PTCRB site
    • Packaged .exe files now in 32 and 64 bit flavors instead of just 64
    • Packaged .exe files now compressed with UPX to save some space
    03-27-17 07:07 PM
  25. thurask's Avatar
    3.4.0 on Pypi/Github:
    • Add KEYone autoloader lookup support
    • Add KEYone autoloader page to scraper
    • Autoloader generation now ignores STL100-1 for 10.3.3+
    • Disable accidental deletion of uncompressed autoloaders
    • Internal cleanup
    05-13-17 09:09 PM
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