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    In the following. the word "You," is used in the third person and not specifically towards any one person, except where it's obvious.

    Due to the lack of emotion when reading type, it's easy to misread a post.
    When stating what sounds like fact, but may be questionable to others(more times than not,) it makes the poster sound like the authority on the subject
    or when a poster blatantly says something (for instance) like it's useless or not worth it, considering other posters feel differently about it... it comes off as just plane rude.

    This is an example of rude and an obvious disrespect for the other posters. Your battery sucks. Mine works fine. And who made you the authority on the only good solution?
    You're asking to be rebuffed by making those kind of statements.and it leads to nothing but unproductive negativity. Plus when you say it that way, no one cares what you think.

    Posting statistics and percentages without any merit behind the findings, as if you know it all ,come off as arrogance. You're asking for someone to challenge that statement.

    "In My opinion" is just an example. But, letting others know where you're coming from defuses any negativity before it starts.

    The battery sucks. Get a Z30 as i did..the only good solution ! or....
    In my opinion the battery sucks. For me, getting the Z30 was the only good solution!

    Both sentences say the same thing except one says you only care about yourself. The other shows a level of respect for others, while still being able to disagree.

    My intentions are always to try to promote a positive attitude.
    Do what you will.
    You demean yourself with arrogance.
    Post with respect and you'll receive respect

    Think of it this way.
    Show others the same respect that you'd expect other to show you.
    or expect to be treated as you treat others.
    Don't get sarcastic...its ok if u don't have money to buy a Z30...not everyone can afford it...stay happy with ur Z10... ! I was just unhappy with my Z10 battery issues n moved to a Z30...whts the big deal? Peace!!

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    01-19-14 04:03 PM
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    Hi guys. No need to argue over this. Everyone to their own opinion as long as it meets community rules.
    However, here's my battery performance as of now. Not going off by itself anymore(thanks RonInMotion)

    Solving Battery Issues on Radio file

    STL100-1/ 1926
    01-20-14 11:41 PM
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