1. dark0ne_'s Avatar
    I just got new blackberry classic and I was trying to nuke it with SIC 1.3 but It just saying first and second and ect wipes. After every wipe I see "error : could not connect to usb device". The phone reloads its OS normally after the fifth wipe. I have switched to another PC with another usb cable and it is the same result. Where is the problem or SIC was not patched for the Classic yet? I have the last version with the last CFG. What if I dont wipe and just start the autoloader? What is the difference? Thank you.
    08-18-15 02:13 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Known issue with Classic.

    No need for SIC mutiwipe anyway. It contributes absolutely nothing.

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    08-18-15 02:27 PM
  3. KemKev's Avatar
    Wiping with SIC is somewhat controversial as for most people, this process is not considered essential. There has been a lot of discussions on that topic in these forums. Use the autoloader; you should be just as good.
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    08-18-15 02:28 PM
  4. dark0ne_'s Avatar
    Thank you very much. I will do what you suggest.
    08-18-15 02:34 PM
  5. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    All discussed here.
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    08-18-15 10:15 PM

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