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    Here is my screen caps that I posted during the conversation up to page 14. Enjoy.


    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_221959.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_222641.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_223202.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_223205.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_223345.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_223418.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_223548.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_231340.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_231406.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_231641.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_231757.png
    05-11-14 12:43 AM
  2. Chuck Foltz's Avatar
    here is more
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_232340.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_232456.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_232541.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_232711.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_233355.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_234102.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_234820.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_235108.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140510_235450.jpg
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140511_001932.png
    [Screen Caps] - for Z10 STL-2/3/4-img_20140511_002219.png
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    05-11-14 12:43 AM
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    Nice thanks for sharing, how does the dial screen look though? Is it still the same?

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    05-11-14 12:52 AM

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