1. Khizer Hayat2's Avatar
    Update my Z10 using Sachesi + Blitz to on 30 Oct 2014. Recently download blitz thanks to Robbenzer. Now using Sachesi 2.0 RC when I open Sachesi and connect my Z10 it says Error - Authorization and can't update.

    Please help what to do? Do I need some bar files or what?


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    11-29-14 02:53 AM
  2. m3mb3rsh1p's Avatar
    This is the error about "Device setup not complete." You cannot use Link when it is in this state. The only way I have found to fix this is to backup the phone using an app such as Ultimate Backup then autoload the new OS, complete setup and retry.

    Posted via CB10
    11-29-14 03:05 AM
  3. plugin's Avatar
    Sometimes doing a security wipe will make the phone run the setup agent once the OS reboots and once you complete it, you will be able to connect to Sachesi/Link.
    11-29-14 03:59 AM
  4. tickerguy's Avatar
    If you're updating the phone without a valid SIM installed (or where you either have no signal or don't have network time available) go into the phone's setup and manually set the time and date. They must be set or Sachesi won't be able to connect to it.
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    11-29-14 07:14 AM
  5. Khizer Hayat2's Avatar
    Everytime I connect the device my laptop says Setup hasn't finished for the connected BlackBerry device. Disconnect your device and finish setting it up (or complete the setup), then reconnect it to your computer... possible solution?

    Posted via CB10
    11-29-14 10:25 AM
  6. NegatronDev's Avatar
    ensuring the device have network access and setting the time worked for me
    03-14-15 08:12 AM

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