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    I am looking out to the midst of cbs members and administration, moderators, etc; For a solution to some how trick the 4.2.2 runtime into thinking it has the same privileges. Can you make a hybrid android runtime to run both at the same time so that the video playback in apps still run?

    Ps I am Joey Vajda fellow BlackBerry addict; love technology, phones, engineering, and pushing technology, ie jail breaking iPhone before (2007), and now BlackBerry 10, all out customizable phone.

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    06-23-13 02:03 AM
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    Also, has anybody had the same problem of having the app "Wallpaper Changer HD" open and then force close itself after about 10 seconds of booting? Is there a work around or can I just sideload an older version?

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    06-23-13 02:09 AM
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    How to update bb10.2

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    07-12-13 02:41 PM

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