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    Have you tested with latest beta I haven't heard back from my report but will poke them if still an issue

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    I haven't updated to. 2339 yet, but will do it tonight if I get a free moment and let you know.

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    07-11-15 05:50 AM
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    I don't understand all the whining. When you're on a company phone, it's not yours to control. Period. They issue a company phone for business, not to watch porn on.

    Don't like it? Too bad, I guess. It's their rules when you're at work. You're there to make the company money.

    The system is simple actually. Work phone for work purposes. Another thing that they should do is get rid of BYOD altogether. If work requires you to have a phone, it's for a reason...work. Not screwing the dog, or otherwise. If a BlackBerry or whatever device they issue you, intimidates you, you probably shouldn't have the job you have which requires you to carry a company issued phone. Otherwise learn how to use what they give you. Then there would be no reason to " bring your own device".

    Good god, what will they think of next? Bringing your own equipment/supplies to run someone else's company and paid for out of your own pocket? Yeah. I'll get right on that.

    I think the problem is the people, not the workplaces or BES or what have you. More and more people would love to get a free phone from a company to screw the dog, play games on company time, have affairs, etc.

    That's why people lament of issues with not being able to BYOD. You're at work people, not home. You're paid to be on someone else's clock, abide by their rules. It's that simple.

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