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    I updated to a leaked version of 10.1. My contacts are doubled if they are on facebook already. I haven't done a restore yet. Do I really need to?
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    05-16-13 12:17 PM
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    You don't have to do a restore via BB Link. If you choose not to, you can simply re-add your accounts and setup your device as you had it prior to the OS update.
    Many, including myself, recommend this. Then you are sure no prior existing issues (if you had any) are a result of something from the restore files. This is not to say you won't have any issues with the new install. It seems there are many different variations of problems being experience by members. This goes for any mobile platform and is not limited to BlackBerry.

    Good luck. I think you made a good choice taking the initiative to updating on your own rather than waiting for your (apparently very slow) carrier.
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    05-16-13 12:26 PM

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