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    In 10.3.1.xxxx i have been having trouble with the remember app. I really like the way it was working in 10.2.1. Integrating with share, calendar, and it's category stuff.

    If i open the task, i can see the category, but when i select it i can't choose a different one.
    If i create a task or note, it doesn't appear in the list. Maybe many days later it does.

    What am i doing wrong? Is there some app installed that messes this up? Some configuration?

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    12-19-14 04:34 AM
  2. rlgwood's Avatar
    I have only had one of the10.3 leaks where Remember was working. 1151
    Using 1154 now, considering going back, but probably new leak soon.

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    12-19-14 09:18 AM
  3. howards's Avatar
    Try sideloading a Remember bar from another OS version. This worked for me.

    Z30 / STA 100-3 /
    12-19-14 10:35 AM
  4. nickdollimount's Avatar
    I'm running 1154 and it all appears to working for me. I just did a bunch of tests and all seems fine.

    When you say "category", do you mean tag?

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    12-20-14 09:09 PM

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