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    Not sure if there is a better place to post, and I didn't find this question in another thread >.> too many came up when I searched upgrading and apps

    But I found out I could mix and match the core and radio files, I have the new 2745 radio with the older 2726 OS (newer 2744 broke the wifi hotspot for me).

    Anyways, I'm tempted to test out the 10.3.2 builds but with all the downgrading blocks, I'm kind of afraid to switch all at once. It got me to thinking if I could upgrade the apps only? Could I extract them from the debrick, and install the folder in sachesi? And if I liked the new apps, I could load radio next, then lastly the OS?

    I'm not sure if the apps wouldn't just "sit" there if the OS didn't support it, I don't mind uninstalling them later and replacing with older files if needed. I think I'm using the bar app files from the 2744 file but running the older OS and it seems to work fine. Since I only installed the older core and not used the older debrick when I went back to older version after 2744

    edit: another quick question, sorry, off topic but didn't want to start another question thread. I'm using ATT passport and while playing around with the "store demo" display app, it sent an update across. I clicked through it too quick to see what it said changed. Anyone know what changed? The demo looks different, but not sure if it only loaded new videos or did something else.
    05-17-15 03:50 PM
  2. Don_Henry's Avatar
    Unfortunately, no you cannot run 10.3.1 apps in 10.3.2 - there may be a few apps that are rarely updated that might work, but all the key apps are closely tied to the new OF and will not work.

    And, good chance trying it would mess your device up.

    Z10 /3 - - AT&T (posted via CB10)
    05-17-15 04:06 PM
  3. eyeb's Avatar
    Posting an update now that I got the files all downloaded.

    I tried to install only the 10.3.2 apps, they didn't take, but the radio did. Anyways, I went ahead and installed the core os 10.3.2 as well
    05-17-15 07:56 PM
  4. adamschuetze's Avatar
    I sideload the browser from the new 10.3.2 series, works great.

    Posted via CB10
    05-18-15 01:49 PM

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