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    I have a Passport that is enrolled to a BES12 server in my company. Is it possible to install a leaked OS (such as 2639) using Sachesi? I was wondering if it was something that would mess up my phone....

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    09-25-15 08:07 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    It is possible to install and it is very likely you'll have problems.

    Talk to your IT guy and see what he says. If he's smart, he'll probably try to push the update company wide. if not possible, help you update and re-enable BES.
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    09-25-15 08:43 AM
  3. Don_Henry's Avatar
    My former employer ran BES - I have a Z10 (personal owned device) that I used - never had any problems installing new OSs.

    You will need to get a BES activation code from your IT department to set up the BES account on your device after the OS installation.

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    09-25-15 11:18 AM
  4. Alberto8's Avatar
    We have Bes 12 and I install leaks all the time.. never had a prolem.

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    09-25-15 01:41 PM
  5. tickerguy's Avatar
    Yes BUT.... your IT admin can restrict the versions that can be used under BES12. If he's done that....
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    09-25-15 04:02 PM
  6. diegonei's Avatar
    We have Bes 12 and I install leaks all the time.. never had a prolem.
    Like I said. Installing the OS is fine, the BES bit may be tricky. Engage the IT Admint and go from there.
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    09-26-15 09:06 AM
  7. James Blight's Avatar
    If you blitz or other nondestructive update, you will be fine. If you autoload and start fresh, you will need to reactivate on the BES which requires some people action from the BESAdmin.

     Red Passport on OS SR
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    09-26-15 09:30 AM

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