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    My call logs show in hub but not in Calls bank in hub. Who anyone else? I'm using passport os I just can find any call logs by search some word a,b,c..ex .help me, thanks!

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    Not exactly sure if this what you're asking, but go into Hub: Settings: Phone. Make sure it's set to "Show In Both".

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    07-15-15 03:01 PM
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    I chose show in both but not change. And it's how hub show and call logs show :
    Problem with call logs in hub-img_20150716_082739_edit.jpg
    Problem with call logs in hub-img_20150716_082810.png

    Everything shows in hub but call logs show nothing . So if want to show any call logs i have to type any alphabet a,b,c or d ex.. it'll show call logs include the name of contact . It's so annoying

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    07-16-15 12:44 AM
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    Very odd. How did you update to 2339? You could backup your phone and then reload the OS again using an autoloader. That should fix the issue.

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