1. Dealazer Tha Wrath's Avatar
    Yesterday I tried Darcy's Blackberry Tools.

    Joined the Debrick and Radio files together. And it did take around 5 minutes for a finished Autoloader.exe

    So the I hooked up the telephone of Classic. It booted literally up 100 times faster than ever.

    My https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl in the browser looked like this! Not eternal codes in it. "base of what I know this is used to track you and to maintain a hack on your phone" "Back in the days I moved all files in the /db folder to another and edit each file to remove the code" That was possible to do with 1.3.2 OS version as it then turned my phone into a companion with even running a week of 0% battery! It worked like it was made by Tesla.

    Then all my apps started to run super speed. No unneeded things running in the system at all.

    The battery is at 58% just from yesterday. But should had been dead for some few hours ago.

    Mostly I suppose everything will run so smooth as it ever needed to be.
    07-30-17 05:11 PM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Autoloaders from others is fine. You can't modify them, and they are all signed by BlackBerry.

    Thurask's archive has everything already done.
    3hb78ftg likes this.
    07-30-17 11:19 PM

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