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    Forgive me if someone else has already reported this.
    The Pinch Gesture menu item in the hub in 10.2. I have seen several people mention that all this does is to make all your messages disappear from the hub. This is not true. what it does is to show only the messages that have been flagged as Priority Emails by the system.

    In order to see this you must first make the priority email system work and here is where my knowledge gets a little sketchy. I got mine to work by fiddling around with various features of 10.2 while watching a video which unfortunately I can no longer find but essentially I played with the camera, the new browser features etc and the priority email just started to work. It puts a yellow bar to the left of the emails that meet the priority criteria. When you select the Pinch Gesture menu item it filters your view down to the items that have been so flagged.

    I am guessing that there is supposed to be a gesture that calls this function but as yet no amount of guessing pinch variables has yielded any progress and I can only suppose the gesture does not work yet.

    If I can find it and it is helpful I will post the link to the video as the presenter noticed the same thing I did i.e. his priority email started to work as well.

    Hope this is helpful or interesting
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    06-20-13 03:52 AM
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    I think you may be talking about berry flows review of 10.2 new features on YouTube. I was playing around with the pinch stuff last night ( which needs some refining for sure) and noticed that all the priority inbox items grouped together when you turned on the pinch.

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    06-20-13 05:18 AM
  3. mainely_linux's Avatar
    06-20-13 05:19 AM
  4. absoultely's Avatar
    Yes that is the one

    06-20-13 05:29 AM
  5. RECOOL's Avatar
    Oh i though it was multi selec pinch to delete crap.Looks like TAT brought back the pinch gesture they showed at BBJam a while ago.I still waiting for multi select gesture.
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    06-20-13 06:40 AM
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    The option it's in the hub's "Display and Actions" settings called "Pinch Filter Criteria". It default to unread messages. I couldn't get it to work because I had the "Magnify Mode" on in the "Accessibility" options in the general settings menu.

    01-29-14 10:07 AM

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