01-26-14 01:10 PM
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  1. Stwutter's Avatar
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    I didn't restore. I always load the OS from scratch even with official releases. Seems to work much smoother and faster.

    Posted via CB10
    Out of interest, if you load all OS from scratch, what do you do to avoid losing everything?
    12-04-13 10:41 AM
  2. Cichi's Avatar
    Hello all.
    I've got the same problem with high PIM utilization.
    And the utilization stays high, even when flight modus is on over night.
    I've got 8.000 adress in business over BES and 600 in private mode over active sync on T-Online.
    Is it possible, that the link function of the adressbook is not working correct?
    My system ist Z30 with

    Best regards from germany.
    01-26-14 01:10 PM
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