03-20-17 12:47 PM
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  1. cveks's Avatar
    This is my config. I installed z-push over cPanel+Apache to use it with existing domain name . This enables Exchange ActiveSync connection. I created free trial at BES12 cloud and setup email profile . It works fine. I created private and public keys for email1@domain.com and email2@domain.com and exchanged them. Email1@domain.com account have its own private key and public key of email2@domain.com user and vice versa. Regular email sending works fine but when I enable PGP and encrypt message with it other user gets blank message.

    I have opened inbox of both email1 and email2 user in squirrelmail webmail and as I can see , either I just compose message or select "Plain Text format" , pgp message always gets sent as attachement and not in text body of email message. Thats why other user cant decrypt it because pgp message is not in body of email message but it send as attachment.

    It looks like this when I open message in squirrelmail:

    Message is in untitled-[2].octet-stream file always.

    When I open this untitled-[2].octet-stream and send pgp message as regular mail in body of email message instead as attachement , from squirrelmail , my device decrypts pgp email message successfully.

    Am I doing something wrong or this is some problem from Blackberry side ?
    12-14-15 03:15 PM
  2. cveks's Avatar

    I was working further with PGP . I have installed K-9 Mail client from Android market together with APG from Android and PGP now works GREAT!

    I used APG application to generate secret and pub keys for both emails and exchanged it between them. I generated 4096 bit keys (with APG you can specify which kind of encryption you want to use which hash, algorithm everything). After that I uploaded same keys via Thunderbird + Enigmail and everything works also GREAT!

    I am able now to send PGP messages from Blackberry Passport to Blackberry Z30 (both using K-9 Mail with APG) and between Blackberry devices and Thunderbird email.

    If I try to load same certificate generated from APG to Blackberry devices - it loads, but it cant be used to signup messages in BES12 workspace (this option is grayed out). I tried also same thing with keys generated from PGpgp for Blackberry and same problem exists. Only software with which I was able to get keys to work are keys generated from Symantec PGP Desktop. But as I said earlier problem is that Blackberry PGP software does not send PGP encrypted message as plain text but as attachment after that other device cant decrypt it . K-9 mail client and Mozilla Thunderbird both always send PGP encrypted messages in body of email message, though with Thunderbird you need to deselect first HTML formatting for account before that.

    This how it looks PGP message encrypted by K-9+APG when you open it in Squirrelmail

    As you can see message is in body of email , and not as attachment of unknown extension as Blackberry-built-in PGP encrypted message.

    With K-9 mail client + AGP , BES12 usage becomes obsolete on Blackberry devices - and all this is fault of Blackberry development team who integrated into system broken, outdated , whatever version of PGP -IPTN instead PGP/Mime.

    Also with K-9 Mail client everything works via IMAP out of box, on the other hand Blackberry PGP built in support works only via Exchange ActiveSync only which forces you to install Z-Push over your Apache to manage requests , because 99% of email servers does not have it and work via imap/pop3d only.

    If anyone else have any other things to share please go ahead...
    12-15-15 12:06 PM
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    I've been wondering if creating a new email account on Outlook.com would allow me to encrypt/decript e-mails natively in BlackBerry Hub? I assume that Outlook.com freemail service uses Exchange ActiveSync, as it is provided by Microsoft. If so, moving to this provider might enable the "hidden" "E-mail security" option in BB Hub... Does anybody know? Thanks
    03-19-17 07:05 PM
  4. FijiBB's Avatar
    I am not sure if Outlook gives you ActiveSync for free. By the way, what I found is working pretty well, is to have your own email server (hosting is not expensive, it is 21st century...) and then use z-push.org addon, which 'imitates' Exchange. PGP and S/MIME works (it is good, but not perfect), you may also have synchronization of contacts and calendar.
    03-20-17 03:06 AM
  5. skrble's Avatar
    Thank you for your reply!

    I will check some common providers first, if some of them do this. Technically said, iplementing features like these is not in their interest, as I'm sure it costs, not talking about the fact that user's mail won't be readable (or not in so easy way).

    However, all of this makes no sense here. Why should I encrypt my mail, if noone I know can decrypt that? As long as I am into this feature, I see things so complicated for other common fellow user's...

    Posted via CB10 using my  Q10!
    03-20-17 05:46 AM
  6. skrble's Avatar
    I am not sure if Outlook gives you ActiveSync for free. By the way, what I found is working pretty well, is to have your own email server (hosting is not expensive, it is 21st century...) and then use z-push.org addon, which 'imitates' Exchange. PGP and S/MIME works (it is good, but not perfect), you may also have synchronization of contacts and calendar.
    It looks like freemail Outlook.com has the EAS feature! This is in the end much symplier to me (rather than messing with some other service).

    I'd like to ask you few more things, which I was not really able to understand yet:

    1) Import of the private key: when I wanted to put my own key into the BlackBerry Q10, I always got a message saying "Import failed" or similar. I had to add both public and private key into one file, and then was able to get the private key into the phone. How will the smartphone handle with these credentials when sending email to other person? Will it share the public part of the file, or shall I have the public key in a separated file stored and manually attach it to every mail sent?

    2) Choosing the best methods: can you tell me what's the practical differences between modes "plain text", "sign (PGP)", "encrypt (PGP)" and "sign and encrypt (PGP)" in the dropdown menu on the "securing mail" page?

    3) choosing the proper keys: This is at the bottom in the "sucuring mail" menu. There are "sign PGP key" and "encrypt PGP key" dropdowns. Shall I choose that key, which contains both the public and private key (from the question 1)?

    I hope I didn't write it a way that it wasn't understandable... Thank you, friend!
    Last edited by skrble; 03-20-17 at 01:00 PM. Reason: Adding more questions
    03-20-17 12:47 PM
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