1. Strus's Avatar
    It won't be first update but now with Sachesi and some new ways to do it I would like to ask for some guidance.

    There is 3 options from what I have read. First one is to download Blitz and drag and and drop it into Sachesi. Second option is to download Debrick&Core&Radio files and use Sachesi as well. Third option is an autoloader (this one does not exist for STL-1 in case of a new OS
    I would like to perform wipe using Sachesi as a first step. Than I am confused - what is the difference between Blitz and other method? Is blitz just gatering Debrick, RAdio and Core files together ?
    09-08-15 05:24 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    a blitz is a folder of all the necessary files that you need in one folder. you cable to PC and open Sachesi and drop the entire folder in it.

    Autoloader i the other way. Cable to your PC and double click the exe.

    Gathering files like you mentioned is a way to CREATE a blitz folder...if youve never done one, i wouldn't go grabbing files and cobbing them together. You have to use an extraction tool for part of it.

    Either download a blitz folder or an aiutoloder. Either way, back up your phone first.
    09-08-15 05:34 AM
  3. Strus's Avatar
    I will go with Blitz than. Thank you
    09-08-15 06:10 AM

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