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    I have 4 devices currently in my possession: a Google [Asus] Nexus 7 2013, a 16GB iPhone 5S, a Lumia 1020 and BlackBerry Z30. For me, I've never been a fan of iOS, but have decided to make and objective decision about the platform debate. The two easiest for me to describe are BB10 and Android as those are my daily drivers.

    BB10, imo, does exactly what BlackBerry intended for the rejuvenation of the messaging giant: to be good at messaging. They have nailed it on the head with the Hub. By far the most pleasant messaging experience as far as platforms go. Other than that, the gestures are neat and can prove to be useful in certain scenarios. As a guy who messes with technology all the time, it didn't take me long to pick up on all the gestures, but I look at the way my dad uses the phone and think how much more efficient he could be if someone taught him the gestures. So yes, there is a great learning curve. Additionally, the Z30 is quite a pleasant phone to have and does not feel too bulky or heavy. But the positive at least is from using it and speaking to many people who have used multiple platforms for work, BB10 is the best communications device.

    Android is for the user who wants control. So much can be done behind the scenes, it's almost not even fair to the other platforms. And Android is, as the Google store hints, for "Play". There are so many indy games as well as emulators that are free and compatible, it doesn't take one long to realize why they pack the phones with such OP hardware. Not really too much else to be said about Android other than it is a well executed idea that spans all pricepoints.

    iOS. Now here's the tricky one. Like I said, I've always been impartial to iOS, thinking that it's a waste of time and money, but then I asked myself, why do so many people use it then? And the answer is like the phone: simple. The minimalist design is what attracts people and it doesn't take a genius to see it. The phone, as a whole, is a pleasure to use. It never feels like a burden in your hand and it works the way it's supposed to. I honestly can say I have no criticisms as there are none. What people consider to be "issues" is what I consider personal preference and cannot be said as a negative about the phone/OS.

    Windows Phone 8 is quite nice. I've always been a user of the Zune HD so I already kinda knew what I was doing with WP8. Once again going back to simplicity, they kept it clean like the Zune HD as well as added customization. It's a fluid OS that is mostly about media, considering the 1020's hardware.

    But what's the point of all of this? To tell you that phone sales are so much more than just which OS has the greatest features and apps to offer. Obviously that is a large part, but what is also a factor is personal preference. And the thing is, it is a variable that is completely independent from all else EXCEPT personal interactions and peer pressure. So while I enjoy/enjoyed using iOS, WP8 and Android, I will always prefer BB10 because it's what I want to use. Thoughts?
    01-11-14 04:48 PM
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    It is a variable that is completely independent from all else EXCEPT personal interactions and peer pressure.I will always prefer BB10 because it's what I want to use. Thoughts?
    I absolutely agree.... absolutely!

    ... and a very nice comparison.... Thank You!!
    01-11-14 05:06 PM
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    Great read, thanks!

    Posted via CB10
    01-11-14 06:56 PM
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    Basically, I have also been stick to bb10. Messaging and keyboard typing is the main reason.

    Dr Prithvi Sent by Z30 frm CB10
    01-11-14 07:03 PM

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