04-11-15 09:35 AM
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  1. syclone1978's Avatar
    Yes I have tried several 10.3 radios, and even my old 10.2 radio that worked before the upgrade. I went to the store and got a new SIM even. and still nothing. I just decided to remove from the Blitz the other radios as I noticed they have more than the Z10-3 and I am going to try again.

    It still says this when attempting to install:
    Safe Blitz detected. 2 OSes and 2 Radios
    Installing Radio:
    Installing OS:
    Installing 203 .bar(s). Skipped 2.
    02-28-15 01:59 PM
  2. Pdinos3's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply!

    The problem is still no signal, and no charge which is going to really suck as I have been reinstalling a core bar via Sachesi for hours and the battery shows it will die before the install is complete.

    So not only do I think that will cause a larger problem, I can not remove sim as it is connected to laptop still installing.

    Not sure why 10.3.1 has been so difficult. All other attempts have been super easy and not issues.
    Is this your problem?


    Via CB Running  PassportSQW100-1/
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    02-28-15 02:02 PM
  3. syclone1978's Avatar
    Yes thank you, it seems I must do a destructive downgrade back to 10.2 which sucks. I would go back to 10.2 and not care as I loved that OS thus far, I hate the fact it wipes everything though.

    Thanks for your support and consideration in help me!
    02-28-15 02:12 PM
  4. bakron1's Avatar
    I have a quick question? I have done many of the Blitz updates in the past and I just recently bought a AT&T passport and I installed the Blitz Blitz update and when it was completed, I was stuck with the original OS and the 2268 radio? I noticed a bunch of files where not updated, only a total of around 80 or so? I ended up going back to the stock OS, anyone else experience this issue trying to update the AT&T version of the passport?
    03-02-15 03:52 PM
  5. zmsox's Avatar
    great work, many thanks for that.
    03-02-15 04:10 PM
  6. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Thanks, Robbenezer. Finally updating my Q10. Switching back from my Z30 and giving the wife mine since hers has the black screen. I'm cool with the Q10.
    03-03-15 12:03 AM
  7. drew8484's Avatar
    i know it says all devices, but i just got my Classic. Good to go?
    03-03-15 11:57 AM
  8. Robbenezer's Avatar
    i know it says all devices, but i just got my Classic. Good to go?
    Yes classic uses same Core/radio as Z30

    Posted via CB10 with my AzzazzinBerry (STA100-5/
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    03-03-15 12:40 PM
  9. fjfisher601#AC's Avatar
    Yes classic uses same Core/radio as Z30

    Posted via CB10 with my AzzazzinBerry (STA100-5/
    Very true-- I just got my Verizon Classis SQC100-3 with the default installed. I set it up with all accounts etc and used BB Link to transfer all data etc from my Z10 to the classis-

    While it took a while to backup the Z10 and transfer- it was flawless and just about everything is there except Snap which I side loaded later with Sachesi. Working great ! Then I upgraded to 2267 with Sachesi last night- all good so far !

    Stay tuned- as I told my Mrs. last night, I've been waiting years for this phone
    03-04-15 11:46 AM
  10. Ginowine's Avatar
    Okay. I'll do it.

    Posted via CB10
    03-14-15 12:31 PM
  11. Gonzalo Medina's Avatar
    I also have the radio 2268, but the original 1955 OS? Can anyone tell me what happened. Any my GPS still does not function.

    Thank you,
    03-31-15 12:22 PM
  12. Palmiga's Avatar
    Sachesi wont work here, becaus its only the 64Bit. I use Ubuntu 14.04 32Bit.
    I couldnt compile Sachesi from source-code, cause I only receive error-messages.

    Got anyone a 32Bit-Version for me?
    04-11-15 09:35 AM
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