10-23-14 12:18 AM
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  1. andreirad's Avatar
    See if this thread helps. http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...achesi-904841/
    Posted via CB10
    I extracted all the .bar files from debrick folder and I made a zip folder with that files+core os + radio file . Should I drag that zip folder over sachesi window and install it ?
    10-21-14 06:22 PM
  2. pttptppt's Avatar
    is someone gonna upload apps?
    10-21-14 06:23 PM
  3. mrjmc99's Avatar
    10-21-14 06:23 PM
  4. 1oo1's Avatar
    is someone gonna upload apps?
    HI Patrick!

    Thanks op
    I'll skip this leak. Installed 10.3.800 on Sunday night and it's been good so far.
    SteelGreek likes this.
    10-21-14 06:24 PM
  5. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Z30 Autoloader
    works for all Z30

    happy loading!
    Great ! I will stop my upload. It's dragging anyway, LOL
    10-21-14 06:28 PM
  6. LazyEvul's Avatar
    No dark Hub, no Flash. Only new thing I've noticed so far (since .821) is that it now shows what wireless bands your phone is compatible with in the General settings.
    10-21-14 06:28 PM
  7. JamieWilson01's Avatar
    Z10 STL100-2


    Via CB10 from Scotland on my awesome PassportSQW100-1/
    10-21-14 06:29 PM
  8. allbetsareoff29's Avatar
    Dark hub? Had to ask....

    Posted via CB10
    10-21-14 06:29 PM
  9. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    No dark Hub, no Flash. Only new thing I've noticed so far (since .821) is that it now shows what wireless bands your phone is compatible with in the General settings.
    Can you check bedside mode profile please? See if sound can be turned on for phone calls only, pretty please
    10-21-14 06:29 PM
  10. Bilaal's Avatar
    This is the first time I've noticed this on the autoloader

    OS Live-image-1.png
    10-21-14 06:30 PM
  11. Hphv's Avatar
    Great. I'll load it tomorrow. Now too late. Hope will better handle my contacts as previous leaks

    Posted via CB10
    10-21-14 06:30 PM
  12. iN10Se's Avatar
    STL-1 autoloader would be greatly appreciated
    10-21-14 06:31 PM
  13. John Jose Salinas's Avatar
    Good day, Anyone can help me How to update my device ?

    This is my device version now . thanks

    Attachment 308233

    Attachment 308235

    and this is the file i downloaded. Thanks guys.
    Attachment 308234
    10-21-14 06:31 PM
  14. DavideaNY's Avatar
    The good old days are back the good old days arebaaaaaaack!!! It is not leaking.. it is raining!!!!! Happy times

    Posted via CB10
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    10-21-14 06:31 PM
  15. allbetsareoff29's Avatar
    well, my upload to mega is frozen at 69%

    any ideas? (I assume refreshing browser is a no-no)
    10-21-14 06:31 PM
  16. damienR's Avatar
    another z30 link coming upload speed sucks
    10-21-14 06:32 PM
  17. harrys2765's Avatar
    waiting autoloader for Q10
    wnyjackson likes this.
    10-21-14 06:32 PM
  18. mrfreeze's Avatar
    Won't that work for the other Z10's too?
    10-21-14 06:36 PM
  19. 1magine's Avatar
    No flash. Locked e-screen options. No dark hub. I'm not sure that there is anything in 10.3.1 through 938 builds that will pull me away from Maybe someone will find a way to convert some older AIR bars to Cascades. But right now 10.3.1 seems like a big step down from 10.3.0.
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    10-21-14 06:38 PM
  20. Bilaal's Avatar
    Dang! Dark and White Virtual Keyboard appearance!
    10-21-14 06:40 PM
  21. GedZju's Avatar
    On z30 u can choose white or black keyboard all phone seems faster, faster opening settings... batery saving mode on/off not only automatically mode. Now need to wait and how's battery
    10-21-14 06:41 PM
  22. allbetsareoff29's Avatar
    I had to restart the upload.... the frozen was was SOL

    new upload is around 900KB/s as of right now... 30 min remaining
    10-21-14 06:42 PM
  23. willowbeast's Avatar
    Has anyone tried the passport version? saw links are not working

    Posted via CB10
    10-21-14 06:42 PM
  24. middbrew's Avatar
    Flash is still missing
    Here you go. Flash is here now.

    Last edited by middbrew; 10-21-14 at 07:37 PM.
    10-21-14 06:42 PM
  25. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Guys there's watermarks
    How do you know? Have you loaded this?
    10-21-14 06:43 PM
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