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    Question for those using this leak on the Q5/Q10:
    in 10.2, bottom menus such as the black bottom bar on the HUB, automatically hides when scrolling to allow for mor viewing room. I tried one of the 10.3.0 leaks but the menus stayed fixed probably because it was designed for the passport.
    Having said this, does the 10.3.1 operates in previous official versions? I think it would be nice considering the smaller screen of both the Q5 and Q10

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    Not that I've heard of. This is a leaked OS and though it's considered a command os version, it has never been "official" to my understanding.
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    Hi, any fix to see thumbnails of pics & videos stored on the card... I tried scanning media card thru Media pictures app, but it seems to get stuck after almost scanning 65-70 %. Already booted 4 times but it get stuck...

    Can't see thumbnails on media card in File Manager nor while forwarding pics or videos stored on SD Card.

    I also copied all to PC, formatted card on device & then copied all back.. still same..

    Pls help.

    Thanks & Regards, Sent by Sanjiv from my BlackBerry Q10 using Vodafone, Gujarat, India. Q10SQN100-3/

    I'm on 938 now on my Q10 and I just noticed for the first time that only some of my pictures show up in a tile (thumb) format where you can see the actual picture in the grid--some do and some do not show, but if I click on one that only shows the icon and not the thumb/tile, it still opens up the picture. Its the same if I go to my media card though file manager. Some pictures show and some are just icons. Very, very weird!

    Update: I opened the SD card on my PC and was able to locate all the pictures and open them, but when I look at the same files using file manager on the phone, they do not show up as thumbs but rather icons making it impossible to see which photo is which with out opening each one of them. This is the first time in 6 years of BB use, that this has ever happened. What to do??
    10-29-14 02:55 PM
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