1. coaltowking's Avatar
    There's one teeny tiny issue I have with BB10. It should be an easy fix, and I'm surprised it hasn't been taken care of already. When I swipe up a word at the end of a quote, I have to hit backspace before adding the end quote.

    I know that this isn't a major issue, but it irks me.

    I have more friends because I do drugs!!
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    07-30-14 05:47 PM
  2. Branta's Avatar
    Looks like an omission in the rule which automatically backspaces for other punctuation.
    07-30-14 06:13 PM
  3. qmendiv's Avatar
    I second this. It's not a major bug, but it is a bug

    Posted via CB10
    07-30-14 06:15 PM
  4. 2Peks1Bird's Avatar
    "Test "

    Yep, it's there.

    Z10 STL100-2 / running official
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    07-30-14 07:36 PM
  5. bspence87's Avatar
    Drives me crazy actually haha. Thought I was the only one.
    07-30-14 08:30 PM
  6. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    Me too...yup

    Crackberry Genius on Verizon STL100-4
    07-31-14 03:10 AM
  7. millet2010's Avatar
    +1 from me 👍

    Other thing I hope bb give an option for soon is to take away the "next event" notification on the lock screen - the option still isn't there to turn it off in the SDK 😣
    07-31-14 05:31 AM
  8. BruvvaPete's Avatar
    Drives me crazy actually haha. Thought I was the only one.
    Nope. You're certainly not alone on this one. It's a PITA

    @BruvvaPete :Channel: C0012176F. Live well
    07-31-14 06:07 AM
  9. LuayS's Avatar
    Has this been mentioned to BlackBerry?

    Posted via CB10
    07-31-14 11:22 AM
  10. dpw09's Avatar
    You can submit feedback here https://blackberry.icanmakeitbetter.com/
    Yes it should function like other punctuation.
    If you Swipe up on a word you always get a space. That is design. But if you followup with a period it auto places it before the space instead of after. Quote should be the same.

    08-02-14 08:39 AM

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