09-29-14 08:12 PM
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  1. Melinium's Avatar
    I don't like the gallery with the white theme, i hope that they come back to a black theme like on 1.2.
    09-06-14 11:41 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    I'm with Canadian Virgin Mobile (love them, have a great affordable monthly plan), and I'm connected via wifi more often than not, since I work from home.
    Oo so there's no wifi calling features or visual voice mail?

    You should give it a try then. You can always roll back

    Sent from my White Q10 using Tapatalk
    09-06-14 11:48 PM
  3. dew066's Avatar
    The music App is much better than 10.2.1. I like how it shows the recently played at the top when you first open it.

    Posted via CB10 on Z30
    09-07-14 05:25 AM
  4. bakron1's Avatar
    I just did a non destructive update on my z30 to and so far, I like the update. I have a z30 100-5 GSM model and I feel the 10.3 update has made the BlackBerry OS look more polished and up to date with what the competition has out there.

    So far I haven't had the camera lag issue and my HDR mode seems to be working just fine. I have has a couple of minor quirks, but I decided last night to do a security wipe and start from scratch without doing a restore and see if that makes any difference.

    I do like that they seemed to have fixed the duplicate contact issue, but I still have an issue adding a new contact and when I input the phone number, it shows the same number for every entry i.e. home, mobile and so on. I found a fix that if you add the individual numbers in on your Google desktop, they will sync and show up properly on you device contact list.

    One observation I have made on my z30, is that the screen seems to look allot better and sharper then in 10.2? Maybe it's just me. The z30 seems to be much more responsive then 10.3. I also like the changes to the hub.

    I showed my z30 with 10.3 to a couple of my clients over the weekend and all they said was, that's a BlackBerry!! They didn't even know BlackBerry made such a device and where amazed at the demo I put on. To me this says the folks up there in Waterloo have done a good job on 10.3 and my compliments to the chefs.

    Sent from my Lovely z30 on T Mobile USA (
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    09-07-14 07:27 AM
  5. RECOOL's Avatar
    Colour scheme/pallete is garbage its a straight IOS rip off and Its poor all round.Grey is not the colour to brighten up an OS grey is the blandest ,boringest colour in the spectrum.This colour schmee does in no way revitalise the OS you just condemed it to boring.
    The OS had a cool,tough,sharp look to it.Now its feminite and everything tiny compressed and grey.If you do comparison shots of the old colour scheme to 10.3 it wins hands down simple cause its cleaner, colours are well distinquised.

    The colour scheme change has been poor decision to abandon the original BB colours of black,white and blue.Without the the clear blue headers and black sections.Alot of sections make for difficult reading over long periods. Due to all the brightness the white just blends in with the grey.The hub is a mess when you have read through all messages becasue there's no clear blue/colour headers everything is a grey mess.Even when you delete the inbox its grey highlighted what happend to the blue??.The calendar app is mess a huge grey mess.How the hell you think you can replace white with grey.?? Icons are just pants in my build so many icons are bigger than their counterparts.

    Definetely miss how the recent app moves to the top when framed.Dont know if its a bug when you have 8 frames open and frame the lower 4 they start moving recent app at the top.wtf?? Never cared about pinning rubbish if you recently used apps they would be in rotation at the top pointless add imo.

    The two button swipe down is poor complete breaks the whole flow of swiping.Why is it so hard to just do swipe on teh right of top sepeaker for app setting ,swipe to left of top speaker for OS settings??

    Music app 2 things annoying recently added music is not shown have to go find that in menus,and you have to keep going in and out of the EQ menu to change effects.

    Apart from those things everything else is on point.Love the after reading an email effect where you get delete or archive option.Colour pallete is just really,really off.

    The blue circle button is just utter ****e .We could always read the text.The ***** circle only works in media apps video/music app.Everywhere else just insult to my intellegence and gets in the way.I feel liek this UI is built to trick IOS users to like BB10.Because subconciously theidiot circle and the grey will remind them of the middle button and IOS colour.Its really pathetic if thats how they want people to like and adapt the OS really pathetic if this was the case.
    09-07-14 05:20 PM
  6. howards's Avatar
    ^^^^^ Well, you're certainly entitled to your opinions. But from the looks of your post it appears 10.3 also doesn't have very good spell check.

    Z30 / STA 100-3 /
    09-07-14 06:14 PM
  7. matt4pack's Avatar
    Well I agree that the 2 finger quick setting gesture feels like a hack and doesn't seem to fit in but everything else I like.

    I think the signature action should maybe disappear as well when scrolling like it did in the first 10.3 leak.

    Posted via CB10
    09-07-14 06:50 PM
  8. needforbbx's Avatar
    The improvements to the hub are worth the upgrade. So much easier to delete items and maintain your inbox.
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    09-07-14 09:25 PM
  9. pttptppt's Avatar
    I think the fonts under the icons need to be larger. They need a magnifying glass to read. (and it changing the overall font size fixes that, well, then it breaks the Calendar display if the fonts are larger!!!!)

    I agree with Scrid, that larger center GLOBULE is completely UNnecessary in the Hub and elsewhere. The flat icons are boring and if that's more modern than the cavemen had a lock on art. 3d, shadows and perspective were not a step back in painting and drawing.
    I disagree with the icons section. The new icons are bright and refreshing. The old ones were dull and boring. But everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

    Also, the highlighted centee button is a great idea imo but they should make it dynamic so after you use a certain button a lot, then it'll show up

    Posted via CB10
    09-07-14 10:03 PM
  10. SharonRD's Avatar
    Oo so there's no wifi calling features or visual voice mail?

    You should give it a try then. You can always roll back

    Sent from my White Q10 using Tapatalk
    Nope, neither wifi calling or visual vm. If I find myself getting extremely impatient waiting for 10.3, I might try it out.
    09-08-14 04:49 PM
  11. Lendo's Avatar
    The improvements to the hub are worth the upgrade. So much easier to delete items and maintain your inbox.
    Half agree. Doesn't seem to delete from server.
    09-12-14 08:14 PM
  12. dejanh's Avatar
    It revitalises all hardware. Q10 is much snappier and Android apps install and launch quickly which really helps the overall experience.
    I agree with this. The OS seems to be much more optimized.

    Posted via CB10
    09-12-14 08:31 PM
  13. Morutimeru's Avatar
    I like all the new features in 10.3 except for the flat design, I find it so boring and similar to what other mobile operating systems offer. I like 10.2< design, and really really hate that odd blue circle icon that stands out in all the apps in 10.3.

    Posted via CB10 from my awesome STA100-3
    09-12-14 09:01 PM
  14. Don_Henry's Avatar
    I must disagree with one thing stated by SharonRD - 10.3 does have vvm - I am on AT&T and vvm works perfectly.

    Posted via CB10
    09-12-14 09:09 PM
  15. Lendo's Avatar
    I must disagree with one thing stated by SharonRD - 10.3 does have vvm - I am on AT&T and vvm works perfectly.

    Posted via CB10
    I'm with Rogers and mine doesn't work
    09-12-14 09:12 PM
  16. Pdinos3's Avatar
    I'm with Rogers and mine doesn't work
    I'm with rogers and mine works

    09-12-14 09:48 PM
  17. Lendo's Avatar
    I'm with rogers and mine works

    Well then it's settled. Some work and some don't :P
    09-12-14 10:32 PM
  18. avnishsp's Avatar
    Hi, I am big fan of BlackBerry so I am not qualified to post my views here but want to tell you guys, I am using Z10STL100-1/ on daily driver and beautiful thing is, I am never feeling its a leak, its working perfect as official version without any flaws. Am loving it.

    Posted via CB10 on Z10STL100-1/
    09-12-14 10:39 PM
  19. crucial bbq's Avatar
    Been on every leak sans two. The latest 10.3 is the shtiz. As usual I do not have the problems that others are moaning about. This the best version of BB10 hands down, and it is not even a finished product.

    I personally like the blue "compose" button, but it is kinda weird that attachments and search drop out when you scroll up in Hub. Definitely not a deal breaker, though.

    I used to really hate the old "touch anywhere" camera because even barely touching the screen accidentally would take a picture, but now I miss it.

    Honestly this is the best version of BB10 to date. Some may be concerned about bugs but usually the bugs seem to only affect some users and not others. Must be from all the porn they download.
    09-12-14 11:00 PM
  20. SharonRD's Avatar
    I must disagree with one thing stated by SharonRD - 10.3 does have vvm - I am on AT&T and vvm works perfectly.

    Posted via CB10
    Hi, Don. I meant that at the moment that I don't have vvm or wifi calling with my carrier, and I don't have 10.3 OS on my Q10...yet.
    09-18-14 08:27 PM
  21. meltbox360's Avatar
    My keyboard issue has seemed to work itself out somehow. It really just feels like a quicker and smoother 10.2.1

    Android runtime is definitely better but nonetheless needs more improvements to really be a native like experience.

    Posted via CB10
    09-29-14 08:12 PM
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