09-11-13 09:21 AM
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  1. Balti43's Avatar
    10.3 anyone?
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    09-10-13 05:16 AM
  2. jimpilot's Avatar
    Hey I have a slow leak in the kitchen sink, I will offer it if it helps

    I heard 10.3 was going to have tailless apps
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    09-10-13 08:02 AM
  3. Kirill Mishurovsky's Avatar
    Wait new Leaks loop!!

    Next leak?-2013-09-10_193215.png
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    09-10-13 10:33 AM
  4. Wigley458's Avatar
    The leaks are out there being tested by qualified people with experience in technology. They release them when there are changes that may or may not help some of us but not others. If a leak has no value or not much more value to us it may be passed up and not released to us by the "team". So far I've installed over 10 different ones on my Z10 and have been happy to do so. I wait patiently because I know the team is working hard to help all of us. I also check in with my findings as soon as I can to try to help. Os's get faster, smoother, and have more options with many of the leaks. I'm on on Verizon. Happy happy.

    Trusted Member
    I wish I could say I only loaded 10 leaks lol.

    Naa just kidding. I loved doing most of them.

    Z10STL100-3/ member/co-founder Berryleaks. From CB10. My channel C000B3B57. Team channel C00032537
    09-10-13 10:39 AM
  5. warren_walker's Avatar
    As I read through this thread, has anyone else wondered if 10.3 will ever come if BlackBerry is sold in November?

    Posted via CB10 via my amazing Z30
    09-10-13 03:41 PM
  6. liquidcyber's Avatar
    Did someone say leak...
    Next leak?-12252007.jpg

    Posted via CB10
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    09-11-13 09:21 AM
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