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    Hi guys! My name is sheed24 and I'm new to the blackberry scene. I remember a time where I would make fun of my friends for having blackberry 7 devices. I never found them attractive because of their basic functionality and lackluster design.

    I'm coming from a Samsung Note 1 phone. I loved her...When the os ran smoothly. It ran way too laggy at times when I just wanted to use basic functions (ie.calls,email,texting), so I did a SWOT analysis( lol im a business student) . I found that what I use my phone mostly for is texting,calling and email. I wanted a phone that could do them all smoothly and keep me connected with minimal lag. I did some research ,and to my surprise the z10 [a BlackBerry phone!] looked to be my best bet. Sold my note,found a good deal for a unlocked black z10 on kijiji, and have been happy ever since.

    Blackberry has come a long way with bb10 OS, and has made a BlackBerry hater a supporter. Even got me recommending it to friends.

    The leaks and the support of this community makes it even better, and for that I thank you .

    Now to my question :

    I downloaded and installed the latest leak yesterday (1259), and have noticed that my phone is searching for a signal(red 'x' symbol) very often. When Im connected I have 0 bars; but On the previous leak(155) I would stay connected in my room will at least 1 bar consistently, I was really impressed by this.

    Is there a way to just load the radio from the previous leak onto this version to get my consistent connectivity back? or is it incompatible with this new leak?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Welcome to CrackBerry! We try to keep findings and fixes in the thread http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...-links-885963/

    But since this is your first post, I will leave this open as your welcome thread!
    12-22-13 02:06 AM
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    Sorry about that,I appreciate it

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    12-22-13 02:07 AM
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    Its a SWOT analysis. im an international business man. Well if your new to BlackBerry why did you install the leak so quickly. You should have stuck to the 10.2 OS and then consider the leak.

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    12-22-13 02:14 AM
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    I've been on the 155 leak since early Nov. Its just a matter of reading the forums and Crackberrys articles on how to use the autoloader before messing with your device.

    I've read through some of the other forums pertaining to this leak. I've seen mention of loading BAR files from other builds onto the next,But I haven't seen anything specifically on loading 155 radio onto 1259

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    12-22-13 02:27 AM
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    The z30 has 1055 radio I believe. Did you security wipe after a load?
    12-22-13 02:57 AM
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    I agree with you on this point. The OS it self is actually pretty stable. The radio is lackluster on signal stability and strength. I would be interested in the findings if you try this.

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    12-22-13 04:45 AM
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    My first recommendation here is actually a very simple one. Try turning on airplane mode, waiting a few minutes, then turning it off again. Sometimes a soft reboot does not reset the radio. Airplane mode usually does. I had issues when I first got my phone with searching for a signal on the mobile network, on official os actually. If airplane mode doesn't help, I would say to try reloading 1259 before doing a radio swap.

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    12-22-13 05:57 AM
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    Somehow I find signal strength improving over time after a new install.
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    12-22-13 07:42 AM

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