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    If you use Android app Tubemate to save videos off of YouTube (as well as just about any other site), then you will get a nice little extra in BB OS 10.3. When I start a download, a notification appears in the HUB just like always, but now if I click on the notification, a live Progress bar shows up instead of the static text percentage message.

    If you are interested in Tubemate, Google it. It is not available via Amazon or Snap.
    It it so easy to use. Bring up a video in BB Browser, Select "Open In" from the overflow menu, choose Tubemate and download the video. Works with just about any video found on the internet.
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    08-28-14 07:18 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Whoa! This is very good to know. I never knew this!
    Thanks for the info....downloading now!
    08-28-14 08:36 AM

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