1. Adam Szucs's Avatar
    I loaded successfully OS on STL100-1, and most of the features could be restored.

    However i cannot locate the Music app and the File manager's .bar file. Could someone help me out? Even point me in the right direction or by uploading one? Thanks in advance a lot.
    06-13-13 05:19 PM
  2. SirJes's Avatar
    The music bar is called airtunes, u can get it if you use sachup to dump the signed file of any os

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    06-13-13 05:51 PM
  3. Adam Szucs's Avatar
    OMG, how could I be that stupid. Thanks for your help a lot! It worked and even fixed the bug in earlier builds with version from 228. Really appreciate your help. If you could tell me which bar is for file manager it'd be perfect.

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    06-13-13 05:57 PM
  4. amiitoj's Avatar
    mind sharing the file?
    06-13-13 06:31 PM
  5. Adam Szucs's Avatar
    here's the music app from

    download link
    06-13-13 06:46 PM
  6. Arturo1711's Avatar
    how did you get your pictures app and videos app?
    06-16-13 07:27 PM
  7. Adam Szucs's Avatar
    how did you get your pictures app and videos app?
    Visit. 341 topic

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    06-16-13 11:32 PM
  8. lemmie14's Avatar
    what about the File Manager, what is it called?
    10-13-14 10:39 AM
  9. Mike_Jones's Avatar
    Why would you revive a year+ old thread?

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    10-13-14 10:40 AM
  10. underway99's Avatar
    Post deleted
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    10-13-14 11:30 AM
  11. clie610's Avatar
    file manager: perimeter browser.bar
    10-13-14 05:08 PM

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