1. mhw100's Avatar
    I realize in previous OS version it wasn't necessary to shut down the device before pulling the battery but is this a necessary step in OS10? I tried searching for an answer on the BB and CB but couldn't find anything definitive. Thanks.
    08-23-13 12:33 AM
  2. Adam Szucs's Avatar
    Short answer: yes, you need.
    Long answer: in most if the cases you can pull the battery if everything is closed without a problem. But if something is writing data in the background, it can corrupt the database and will result in data loss. And I don't mind that 15 seconds to ensure that won't happen.

    Tapped on my Z10 in CB10 | #BerryLeaks
    08-23-13 12:36 AM
  3. mhw100's Avatar
    We're programs not writing data in previous OSs?
    08-23-13 12:54 AM
  4. abinbarrymore's Avatar
    Of course you should, when the electronic equipment work,shut down the power suddenly, it always be not good.

    Posted via CB10
    08-23-13 02:55 AM
  5. clubbstudios's Avatar
    Should you? Yes. It's always worth taking the time to do it if you can remember.

    Personally, I never shut down, which is a bad habit I developed many years ago... I've never had a single problem. I've always cycled between two charged batteries with a spare battery charger so that I never have to have my phone stuck to a charger, defeating its "mobile" purpose.

    I've simply yanked the batteries with the device still on from my BlackBerry 9000, 9700, 9900, Z10 and now Q10. No data loss yet. It will interrupt uploads, MMS, etc. that you didn't know were still running in the background but, for me, these seem to always automatically resume when the device restarts with its fresh battery.

    As previously mentioned, this just means I've been lucky. Better safe than sorry!

    Too bad I can't take my own advice...
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    08-23-13 09:18 AM

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