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    Between about midnight and 6AM I sent about 150MB of data, and received about 40.

    No apps were open in active frames last night. I am posting in the beta/leak thread in case it has something to do with remote file access, which isn't open, but possibly busy doing something? Clearly it's up to "something" at night. I have three email accounts, with the sync times set to 4 hours... hardly any email. I am also signed in to the usual suspects: Facebook, LinkedIn and Evernote through remember. I guess protect is running, but we all know (all too painfully) that data backups aren't happening.

    Link does detect my phone when I walk in the door. That seems like the most likely suspect -- maybe Bit Defender on my computer is scanning it too much.

    As I type this I seem to be finding my own trouble shooting tips to try tonight: shut off Link on my handset to kill Remote File Access and prevent device detector on my computer from finding and mapping the Z10 as shared drives.

    Edit: I also have never signed in to Dropbox or box with the native apps. I do use Files & Folders, but that should only pull the data when the program is actually open, and I am using it.

    At night, I have WiFi only on.

    Anyone else finding a lot more data sent than received? I really would love to see a great, detailed data monitor broken down by program or process. Perhaps the developers haven't been given the tools to write a "who is doing what" sort of thing, but it's built in to even the crappiest of Android phones. We need this, especially those of us who have data caps (hence the WiFi only mode I stay on a lot).

    This thing is a data hog.
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    I have not experienced it yet, and I hope I will not....
    Just a thought: do you have 'diagnostics' on?
    As I understood, it gathers the usage information, and sends it to Blackberry (although it says it sends it to RIM )

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    05-22-13 10:25 AM
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    It was BitDefender. I switched off the options to automatically scan USB and mapped network drives. It will prompt me instead.... and I feel no need to scan my Berry every time I get in WiFi range (or ever).

    So if anyone else notices lots of outgoing network activity, check your AV software. ;-)

    edit: And yea, I leave diags on jsut because I want BB10 to get better. I don't think there's much data there. It became clear pretty fast as soon as I switched Link on, and Link reacquired my Berry and it started scanning that this was the culprit. I kept refreshing my Data monitor app, and it was counting up pretty fast. Luckily the thing was on the charger; it can't be good for battery life having all that going on either.
    05-23-13 12:25 AM

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