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    I did wipe my device first, and installed
    Before install i had no random reboots, no problems, i just wanted to write something about it.
    So i did a few tests, link to geekbench score: Z10 - Geekbench Browser

    My last best score, but forgot to upload it to geekbench.

    Check where the Z10 is.. and where the iPhone 5 is.

    Ringmark did also a bit better:

    Compare to (it was i dont know why it says 1720)

    HTML5test score was the same

    But compare to the iPhone 5....

    Read the complete story about beating the iPhone 5 here: Tech reviews by Alexander - technology / blackberry z10 beats apple iphone 5

    And 1720 vs 2354 here: Tech reviews by Alexander - technology / blackberry z10 vs
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    06-04-13 03:10 PM
  2. garpt's Avatar
    Thanks for that.
    Z10 is CLEARLY a faster device then the iPhone5!
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    06-04-13 05:06 PM

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