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    I wonder if some people can offer some clarification...

    When in reload the OS with the newest leak it is fast - especially Osmand. No as a result of upgrading, my encryption is turned off and i thought that was the case.
    Once I turn encryption back on Osmand becomes a lot slower.

    Trying to diagnose a randomly occurring battery drain, I decided to remove Skype which was previously continuously running im the background - now my Osmand is a lot quicker with encryption turned on.
    (I would even go as far as to suggest the phone is more responsive, but the might be a placebo effect - but in Osmand the change is very noticeable) .

    So here is my question:
    Is it possible that the Android Runtime is not as good at multitasking as qnx is?
    I.e. Multiple native apps run bettet than multiple android apps?

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    07-11-13 02:23 AM
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    I really have no idea, but I would imagine optimizing an application built for a different platform is more difficult than one built natively. I think there was a fair amount of work put into getting the Skype port to begin with so it's not a stretch to say that it could definitely run better. I'm sure that running in a sandboxed environment has some effect as well.

    If I'm talking out of my a** hopefully someone can correct me.

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    07-13-13 07:00 PM

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