05-10-14 10:17 AM
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    First windows phone 8 had a white background for emails.. users complained and MSFT came with the option in the update.. C'mon BB..

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    05-09-14 10:17 PM
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    The error is that a user doesn't like the design.

    They may not make a 10.2.1 theme themselves ever, but if they allow for OS themes in the future someone will make it. I'm not under the impression that they will ever bring back themes, however.

    I'm not going to switch to another OS. I love BlackBerry 10.2.1. It perfectly satisfies all my needs. I just won't be updating.

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    It's a visual design that you have a disagreement with. This is a UI (User Interface) change that you dislike, but what it brings with it is an extremely enhanced UX (User Experience). Of the two (UI/UX), User Experience is always the MOST important of the two. The UI can look like crap, but as long as it is extremely productive and works well, that is more important. Companies like Microsoft are going more of the route of UI over UX. Many complain about Windows Phone because there are so many redundancies and it is not very productive, but it does have a pretty User Interface. I'm happy that BlackBerry is putting more of a focus on UX and I personally love everything about 10.3. But then again, I am in the web design/app development industry so I can really appreciate good design.

    You can never please everyone and allowing for themes will do nothing but destroy BlackBerry 10's brand identity when they need it the most. It sounds like a terrible move that you're willing to not update and give up UX simply because of the UI, but I guess that's your choice. BlackBerry is doing nothing wrong, they are doing it an extremely smart and attractive way, the majority like how the update looks and the functionality it brings alone makes it worthwhile. Please do not try to hold BlackBerry back by complaining over the UI when they are actually moving forward in the right direction for the vast majority of the market. BlackBerry needs to survive and to do that, they need to implement a flat UI. Love it or hate it, that's what they are doing and there is no going back. Just try and give it a chance instead of fighting with fate.

    Best of luck,

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    05-10-14 01:32 AM
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    Here my mock up of the hub, complete with signature action, with the most energy efficient layout for amoled screen
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    Love it! Amazing design. Minimal.

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    05-10-14 10:17 AM
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