09-18-15 09:26 PM
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  1. unpokitodxfavor's Avatar
    I think the version 10.3.3 will not leave. Only leave if released a new Blackberry OS Blackberry device, which does not seem going to happen in the coming months.
    Depending on how work Blackberry Venice I think the future will be the 11.0.0
    09-18-15 02:31 AM
  2. steven goldenboy's Avatar
    I think one should expect a more fluid Android runtime and notifications too, and also more free apps for bb10 OS on BlackBerry World. Also a choice of light and dark BlackBerry Hub, and..... animated wallpapers.

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    09-18-15 04:37 AM
  3. Andres Pena's Avatar
    If you love listening to music in your device, it's will show on lock screen.

    Oops, just my dreams.
    Damn this would be so bad ***

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    09-18-15 04:36 PM
  4. BKGreen's Avatar
    Seriously, I hope BlackBerry continues to advance it's OS. I written many times that it doesn't make sense to make a BlackBerry Android device. I've heard the argument that it's about money and going where the money is etc... The thing is that regardless BlackBerry produces an Android or BlackBerry 10 device nothing will sell if they don't market the device the way it should. At least with BlackBerry 10 they will be able to show what is different from any thing else out there as opposed to producing an Android phone with the same OS as all the others with different name typed on it which is pretty much all Android phones are.

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    09-18-15 04:53 PM
  5. BKGreen's Avatar
    Exactly!!!!! To me Androids are not user friendly, they eat up battery life and can be hacked without much effort.

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    09-18-15 04:56 PM
  6. ZF_23's Avatar
    Damn this would be so bad ***

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    Any idea for amazing features?
    09-18-15 08:49 PM
  7. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Any idea for amazing features?
    This thread has increasingly become a duplicate of this thread. Since there is no indication what is coming, nor that there is anything at all, let's move the discussion there.
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    09-18-15 09:26 PM
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