1. Northern Munkey's Avatar
    Hi, Firstly MASSIVE thanks to all the contributors!!!! amazing people.

    I am totally new to this, but wanted Snap soo much on my z10 I took the dive and installed "Lengend presents for all Q and Z "
    All looked to work fine, only issue i can see is BBmaps doesn't know where i am ( pauses for ages then a red circle appears in top left hand corner))
    and the compass, although it works, the location part can't find me.
    Anyone know what the bar is for the locations services ( if it is a seperate install) that i can try and upgrade or downgrade?
    or if anyone has any other adivce please feel free.

    01-19-14 11:49 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Second one today..

    Hmm did you restore? Welcome to CrackBerry by the way
    01-20-14 12:23 AM
  3. Northern Munkey's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply, nope no restore.
    did a total fresh one.

    I'm wondering if it is mapping services... only reason i say this, from what i can make out, if you install snap, the try and install an app, it looks like it trys to install itself in two ways.. directly onto the device,, or via bbworld
    If you go by bbworld there a disclaimer, that you have to becareful incase the app you are installing tries to overwrite specific blackberry services, which it examples "mapping services"
    but then I maybe barking up the wrong tree

    **update** just installed googlemaps via snap and that seems to be working.. ( need to test off wireless etc) retested the compass and that is working ok now.. can find my location. and bbmaps works now.

    well that was a quick one.
    01-20-14 12:32 AM

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