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    Everyone is downloading and installing various apps, for their own preferences. As I download and install what I normally use via an Android, onto my Z10-3 I will put them in here after I know they run well.

    ES File Explorer 3. Runs awesome, best file management app around. Always my first download. *DO NOT update via Aptoide as the update will actually downgrade you back to the gingerbread version. Ugh....

    Dolphin Browser Mini. Works well, and is a lot smoother and fast than the stock browser on my z10.

    Zedge, works flawlessly for downloading ring tones and wallpaper s to your BB, and installing them right from the app.

    PayPal, works well, it will tell you about being able to use Google play services, but it is not a necessity. Does everything it normally can do.

    Mega, works awesome for cloud storage but like any cloud storage device on a BB, app must be minimized for auto upload to work.

    Dropbox, also works well but once again must be minimized to upload automatically.

    BitCasa same as above.

    Bitstrips, works well, but will not sync w your BlackBerry stock Facebook app. You have to download Android Facebook in order to run Bitstrips, as you currently can only sign in via Facebook.

    In stage am works on, some issues with "sharing" a photo directly...uploading via the app works perfect though.

    The Pirate Bay works flawlessly for torrent searches.

    TTorrent Pro works the best for your Torrent downloads....bit torrent and Vuze crash....

    Battery Doctor works well when charging, but you must keep it minimized to charge via battery doctor properly.

    That's it so far...I will update post as I get more installed.

    *Must Have App*: ES File Explorer 3.

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    01-24-14 06:19 PM
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    Thank you for letting us know.

    What OS version are you running?

    It would be really good if you could indicate as well the version number of the apps you have success with.
    01-24-14 10:10 PM
  3. Daniel Irving's Avatar
    I'm running 1925.

    All versions of the apps are the current stock downloadables from 1mobile, amazon and aptoide. I haven't updated an app yet except once...

    I downloaded ES File Explorer 3 from 1mobile and it asked me to update via Aptoide, which I thought was weird.

    After updating it reverted back to the gingerbread version....random. uninstalled it and reinstalled es3.


    MP3 cutter does not work unless your music you are wanting to trim is on your stock memory not an SD card.

    Music Maniac does not work (mp3 search app), as it searches for an Internet connection even though I am on wifi, and mobile data.

    Pinterest was glitchy...took 3 times for it to run...on the third time...it froze.

    I uninstalled it after that.

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    01-24-14 11:58 PM

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