1. vman88's Avatar
    Hi I installed on STL100-2 and it does not allow me to recover the backup data as it says:
    "Unable to restore the workspace data. Set up a workspace in Blackberry Balance and try again"
    - How would I do that??

    I tried only recovering the personal data, also did not work.
    Then I tried another OS, same problems as per above.
    After that I tried restore to factory settings, and still couldn't restore the backup data because of above problem.

    Would be great if anyone can help me solve this puzzle.

    Leaked OS 4543. Severe recovery issue on STL100-2. Expert help needed!-untitled.jpg
    07-22-13 01:01 AM
  2. toobs623's Avatar
    Did you have an enterprise email? If so call your IT guy and get a new activation password activate and try again? Sorry if I'm useless it's late and I have never seen that before.

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-13 01:16 AM
  3. Yosep Wow's Avatar
    Several ways stated all over the forum u can try. Mine is.. you change the os version from ur back up data. Remember to create your copy of ur data. I changed to Then try to restore it again using link.

    Others managed to restore their data after once again secwipe your device. Then try to restore.

    Give this a shot. Good luck.

    Posted via CB10
    07-22-13 04:49 AM

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