06-11-13 04:19 PM
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  1. Niels B's Avatar
    Ok 2342 left the building.

    Leaked 10.1.X.1916 for STL-2 & 3-img_00000001.png

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    05-28-13 05:06 PM
  2. theonecid's Avatar
    2342 is definitely better than this leak for me.
    05-28-13 06:25 PM
  3. Niels B's Avatar
    2342 is definitely better than this leak for me.
    Which model do you have?

    My 100-2 is smoother with 1916.

    Posted via CB10
    05-29-13 12:57 AM
  4. CBMem's Avatar
    I'm on AT&T, and since I loaded 1916 on Thursday, I've had zero issues. Reboots on charger seem to be gone, and everything is working as expected so far. It wouldn't surprise me if this turns out to be the one AT&T is testing for release.
    Spoke too soon, found an issue: Visual Voice Mail doesn't work on mine from the phone app. It shows a message received, but won't drop down to play it. Works fine from the Hub.
    05-29-13 03:55 PM
  5. vothelo's Avatar
    Im using 2342 but with the 1917 radio files from this OS and that so far seems to be the perfect match for me. 100-3 unlocked on att and Telcel (Mexico)...both are working fine with great battery per Battery Guru. I may try 2354 with its radio file and then the 1917 radio file to compare...but not sure if its worth it.
    My only complaint with this setup is on the keyboard...the 2342 build will not auto correct with the spacebar when.you.insert.a.period. Drives me nuts.
    05-29-13 09:52 PM
  6. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    Tell me what is the Bug specfically with the Payment after restart.. ??
    Thanks, in Advance

    06-11-13 04:19 PM
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