08-08-13 04:59 AM
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  1. DetlevCM's Avatar
    Yesterday i was on 4651. It happened at around 7pm. i just checked the battery : 25% and boom it went off. Later in the night it happened at around 54% or so. so i decided to revert to 4633 today. I unplugged charger at around 9am today. and by 4pm it went off on anrd 50%. I got good battery life on 4633 earlier. How to know when to charge your device when on 50% it suddenly shuts off? Anyways If I want to correct this behaviour what are my options?
    You can try taking the battery out of the phone for a few minutes to check it is job residual charge. You can go through a full charge cycle as you would on a laptop, but else... I don't think there is anything you can do.

    Not unless BlackBerry goes us a way to force recalibration in the OS.

    Posted via CB10
    07-25-13 07:50 AM
  2. ff1520's Avatar
    .4687 running well in STL100-4 on Verizon. Installed yesterday afternoon and so far now issues (except I forgot to reload BBM Channels Beta). Battery life has been good, RFA working (at least from one of my PC's), side loaded apps working fine. Not showing software release version on settings screen but honestly I'm not sure I've had that since I abandoned stock OS a very long time ago. No troubles with Wi-Fi or cell coverage. See how battery does now that things have 'settled in'.

    Posted Via CB10 on my Z10 STL100-4
    sergey_IL likes this.
    07-25-13 08:02 AM
  3. eyecrispy's Avatar
    Does vvm work for AT&T folks on this leak?

    AT&T STL100-3
    07-25-13 08:08 AM
  4. sleepngbear's Avatar
    Does vvm work for AT&T folks on this leak?

    AT&T STL100-3
    Seems to be working for me.
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    07-25-13 08:29 AM
  5. ssheilmn's Avatar
    Is there anyway that you can turn off Wifi Calling notifications?
    07-25-13 08:41 AM
  6. BUDDYFUNLOVE's Avatar
    Had major battery drain this morning at my meeting. 1% every minute...lol Bled out! Did a battery pull and charging back up. seems to have stabilized. Had incredible battery life last night though. Suoer smooth...having issues with my flipboard side load but will try loading that again.
    07-25-13 08:48 AM
  7. jgrobertson's Avatar
    This one seems to be working well. The contacts are better, and it is smooth. In settings it is jerkey but that is a small price to pay for better normal behavior.

    Thus time I replied NO to the question if I wanted it to send data to BlackBerry. I suspect that is why it is much faster. My previous leak was very slow and battery drain was high. That one I had replied YES.

    Posted via CB10
    07-25-13 09:40 AM
  8. pili4's Avatar
    How's caller ID working for everybody?

    On my sweet Z10 with CB10! Verizon STL100-4 BBM Channel: C000534C0
    07-25-13 09:53 AM
  9. balenax's Avatar
    How's caller ID working for everybody?

    On my sweet Z10 with CB10! Verizon STL100-4 BBM Channel: C000534C0
    totally great, no problems.

    ps: wee, nice pic
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    07-25-13 09:56 AM
  10. KporalBoyQ10's Avatar
    who have tested this leaked on Q5 ?
    07-25-13 09:57 AM
  11. ff1520's Avatar
    How's caller ID working for everybody?
    So far no issues, but honestly only received a few phone calls since loading the OS, but the few I've gotten, caller ID and profile pix have shown up.
    07-25-13 10:04 AM
  12. thatplaybookguy's Avatar
    Great battery life, fully charged at 7 m this morinng NFLD time, watched netflix since then and its 12:45 right now, at 63% of battery and no apps droid side loads processes running in background like the last leak which ate up the battery. Lovin It!
    07-25-13 10:16 AM
  13. vimmadi13's Avatar
    How to disable/turn off wifi calling notification ?
    07-25-13 10:18 AM
  14. rolltide78's Avatar
    Can the Android 4.2. runtime work on this release sideloaded?
    07-25-13 10:28 AM
  15. Daveensannie's Avatar
    Can the Android 4.2. runtime work on this release sideloaded?

    Posted via CB10
    07-25-13 10:31 AM
  16. milennium#CB's Avatar
    Please uploading leak, for STL100-1
    07-25-13 10:33 AM
  17. Damiand's Avatar
    Hi, Is wifi calling working now? Also the decline call auto sms reply is that working now?


    Posted via CB10
    07-25-13 10:34 AM
  18. rolltide78's Avatar
    What's the reason you can't?
    07-25-13 10:43 AM
  19. kndL's Avatar
    Please uploading leak, for STL100-1

    |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 76%



    Posted via CB10 using Z10STL100-1/
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    07-25-13 10:49 AM
  20. mopar_fxr's Avatar
    YEA!! been off here a couple days and come back to see more toys to play with later after work!! Thank you! I will have to read through everything but from what I see looks like it is very stable and few bugs? Will be running Z10 on Att.
    07-25-13 10:54 AM
  21. KporalBoyQ10's Avatar
    i have installed this leak (SQN files) on my Q5 (SQR) , he run good, nobody noticed the change?
    07-25-13 10:56 AM
  22. akavbb's Avatar
    Por favor necesito actualizacin para el OS tengo el 10.0 necesito el 10.1 alguien que me ayude. No he podido acceder al OS 10.1

    Posted via CB10
    Para ayudarte tiene que hablar ingls . La gente en este forum habla ingls.

    Posted via CB10
    07-25-13 11:52 AM
  23. akavbb's Avatar
    Just finished the install, comming from .4651.
    First thing I can notice: I do have now difference betwen 4G and 4GLTE. (Am I the only one in that case? Ie something about our carriers or something...)
    That the first build with that info here. My carrier is Orange France...I guess that the new radio file because signal outpouting is indeed changed for me on that particular build, time will say if for the good or the bad

    For now everything working smooth but as experimented with previous leaks.
    Will let you know if I notice something other new.
    You have LTE or just 4G now?

    Posted via CB10
    07-25-13 11:55 AM
  24. KporalBoyQ10's Avatar
    LEAKED: for STL100-2,3,4 & SQN/SQR ALL MODELS!-img_00000041.png

    On My Q5

    Posted via CB10
    07-25-13 11:55 AM
  25. akavbb's Avatar
    How's caller ID working for everybody?

    On my sweet Z10 with CB10! Verizon STL100-4 BBM Channel: C000534C0
    Damn, I am away from my pc and I can't try this new os.
    I guess I have to wait until tomorrow....

    Posted via CB10
    07-25-13 11:58 AM
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