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    I have more than 250 photos in my camera folder and many downloaded pictures, when long pressing and tapping select more it quickly scrolls to the top and many pictures can't be deleted. Software release10.2.1.2122, OS ver.

    My SD card is more than 2 years old, countless android folders liter more than 6gb. I know my music has to account for a lot of that but my laptop's SD reader is shot. How can I properly reformat and restore the things I want to keep?

    Never really knew how to clean up after myself. Lol

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    03-31-14 08:12 PM
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    Mods, could you move this to BlackBerry 10 OS thread line? It's just muscle memmory going to the leak category. (;

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    03-31-14 08:15 PM
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    Go to:
    Settings > Storage and Access
    Turn "USB Mass Storage" to "On"

    Plug your device into your computer via USB cable.

    Using your computer's file explorer (I'm going to assume you're using Windows, as that's what I'm most comfortable with, although, if you're using a Mac, your SD card should appear as a drive on your desktop), go to:
    My Computer > Whatever drive your SD card is. It might be D, E, etc. It depends how many drives are hooked up to your machine.

    From here you can access your SD card as if it was a flash drive or external hard drive.

    Navigate to the "Camera" folder, and proceed to do as you wish...

    If you want to clean the camera folder up:
    delete the files you don't want
    Disconnect the device and turn "USB Mass Storage" off.

    If you want to reformat the SD card without losing its contents:
    Copy the the contents to a location on your PC, along with any other info on your SD card so that all the information stored on it is effectively backed up. You can then disconnect your device, turn "USB Mass Storage" off, and reformat the card. Then, turn "USB Mass Storage" back on, plug your device back into your PC, and move the files you back to the camera folder.

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    03-31-14 08:27 PM
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    Anyone else having the issue after longpressing then tapping Select More?

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    04-01-14 11:32 AM
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    Patriot cards never have these problems...That's all I run....

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    04-02-14 01:45 AM

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