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    Since transitioning from BBOS to BB10, I've learnt a lot with this new platform. However, one thing that confused me and made me frustrated afterwards was WHAT options to select in BlackBerry Link for when performing a backup only to restore upon loading a leak. I've loaded leaks in the past with BBOS so I bit the bullet and loaded yesterday. First leak on the new platform. Just sideloaded for the first time a couple weeks ago. It's all been a breeze and the instructions posted here to users are more than sufficient.

    But, if you are unfamiliar with the backup options in BB Link, hopefully this thread helps. Maybe it's been covered already but I never saw it and as such, I became frustrated when I made a simple mistake all because I didn't know "how it worked" so to speak... What I am getting at is the three options:

    - Application Data
    - Media
    - Settings

    If you don't select "Application Data" for your backup, you will NOT retain your app layout, folders, or information SAVED in your apps (e.g. - Game save data, Memo's or notes, etc). I've always JUST selected: "Settings & Media".

    Since getting on BB10, I've assumed that by checking off the "Settings" option, this would cover those features. I assumed that the Application Data option was purely the physical app on your device but NOT the saved information. Unfortunately this cost me all my accumulated data within my games and memo/note taking apps. Some of the information is gone forever and while I will live and move on. It's a terrible mistake that I was simply not educated clearly on. Some of the blame lies with me for not researching better to ensure I knew what each option did specifically but some of the blame is on BB. Whether it's a help pop-up when hovering over the option to educate users on what specifically each option backs up, etc.

    Regardless of my story, the majority of fault is from the end user. And the purpose of this thread is to educate the CB users, if you want to load a leak with a autoloader, ensure you check off "Application Data"!!!!
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    08-26-13 04:17 PM
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    Hi and welcome to Crackberry! This is good advice. Maybe everyone could make a complete backup and then choose to selectively restore.
    08-26-13 04:46 PM

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