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    Well I have looked for an answer to this issue for some time now and can't even find anyone else who has experienced this ... I'm not sure, but this could be just an iCloud issue, as it doesn't happen with a gmail account of mine. I would love to hear from others using iCloud email on this or any other leak.

    In the email server settings I have tried *all possible* combinations of IMAP & SMTP settings, port numbers, SSL/TSL etc, including various usernames (i.e. my @mac.com, @me.com & my @iCloud.com emails) and eventually I get this same error with all combinations: sometimes duplicate empty emails (with subject header only) are sent after the original email is sent. I never have a problem receiving or sending email through any of the given settings combinations, but no matter what I do there is this bug with sending unwanted duplicate empty emails, which all the recipients see.

    This bug occurred for me on the also, and I was hoping that the Sachesi blitz I did to .2708 would fix this, but no. I don't recall this bug happening 6 months or so ago when I last used my Z30. I took a break and used a LG G3 as my daily driver for a while, but have returned to the Z30 because -- let's face it, it just does almost everything better. But this weird email sending bug is a new problem. (It is the only bug I have found with .2708 on my device.)

    My work-around has been to use AquaMail, which is pretty nice actually, but I would prefer the baked-in email version if I can get it to work properly. Thanks in advance for any feedback
    04-16-15 12:06 PM

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