1. ParkedEM1's Avatar
    I am not happy with 10.2 at all, and have tried countless times to revert to 10.1 with no luck, can anyone give me a detailed instruction on doing this? I tried using link and it just restores to 10.2 again. My phone is pretty much useless when running 10.2 , none of my text notifications work. And after two or three messages, it stops updating them altogether. Thanks in advance.
    08-13-13 07:09 AM
  2. pipoyz's Avatar
    Do you also already try to run a 10.1 autoloader like you did with 10.2?

    Posted via CB10
    08-13-13 07:13 AM
  3. ParkedEM1's Avatar
    I have searched, but can't find one for 10.1.2039 (Verizon's latest official release IIRC)
    08-13-13 07:26 AM
  4. pipoyz's Avatar
    if you really want the official one you can downgrad to an older 10.1 leak and then update via OTA

    Posted via CB10
    08-13-13 07:34 AM
  5. hdbulldog4's Avatar
    Are you using BB Link? You should be able to reload device software and it should load in the official Verizon 10.1.
    08-13-13 08:17 AM
  6. ParkedEM1's Avatar
    I did use link, still reloaded to 10.2, I guess I can try auto loading an older OS...
    08-13-13 08:45 AM
  7. TheDutch20's Avatar
    Use Sachi Firware grabber, your country code, and carrier code, run the debrick download official release. Turn dev mode on. And then load to your device. They have instructions in the forums for it. Hope this helps.

    Posted via CB10
    08-13-13 08:53 AM

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