1. JD Wu's Avatar
    So my Passport been working perfectly fine for as long as I can remember, until recently. I woke up one morning and my passport didn't respond when I tried to unlock it. I thought it was weird since it was over 50% charged last night so empty battery was unlikely. I plugged it in to the wall and all the device is doing is light up a solid red light. That's it and nothing else. I held the power button, volume button, and every other button but no response. Link doesn't see the device. Tried different charger and charge source. Nada. BlackBerry support seems to be extinct.

    I don't have the tools to disassemble it to try reconnect the battery so I going straight to the device OS reload. My question is how do I get the autoloader to connect to the bootrom if the device won't even try to boot by itself in the first place?
    09-24-17 02:57 AM
  2. Usama Sardar Ahmed's Avatar
    If you can't connect with boot room you follow these instructions.
    1) shutdown your device and by pressing power button until red light off if you can't plug out battery of your device.
    2) open auto loader
    3) connect cable
    4) press power button and start your device if you plugged out your device battery then insert it and it will auto connect with auto loader.
    09-24-17 04:29 AM

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