1. mynameluckystar's Avatar
    Can I change old OS to latest? Any help and tips?
    08-28-13 12:20 AM
  2. nnik's Avatar
    Read, read, then read some more, all the answers are there

    Posted via CB10
    08-28-13 12:23 AM
  3. mynameluckystar's Avatar
    Yes,,,, I been trying but it doesn't help at all
    08-28-13 12:24 AM
  4. Cap_172R's Avatar
    Hi there, welcome to CB!

    Downloading leaked OS ... Get the autoloader for the device version you have (STL/SQN/SQR100-x). The autoloader has all the files required. Here's how to:

    Backup device with BB Link
    Close BB Link
    Download the OS and extract it (autoloader mention earlier)
    Run the File
    Connect Device and WAIT
    Once loaded and reboots, restore device via BB Link

    Note: I normally set my device on airplane mode whilst updating it...prevent any disturbances!
    08-28-13 12:25 AM
  5. wu-wei's Avatar
    08-28-13 12:25 AM
  6. thurask's Avatar
    It would help if we had device and carrier.
    08-28-13 12:32 AM
  7. nnik's Avatar
    BerryLeaks presents for STL100-2/3/4
    go to this thread....and read all of it
    08-28-13 01:02 AM
  8. Miss_80's Avatar
    I used this thread to guide me: http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-ti...chibar-812685/

    Did it yesterday morning and it was really simple via the autoloader (main thing is to download the right version of the OS)
    08-28-13 01:52 AM

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