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    Today I loaded 296 with updated 442 bars. Runs quick. Loving the new features. Only issues so far over are Candy Crush won't log in to Facebook to continue and CB10 app from BlackBerry World cuts off the one last letter to the right on the screen. Android CB10 app works fine though. How about you? Any thoughts, issues, likes, dislikes or plain old complaints?

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    05-16-14 01:11 AM
  2. IFCArea51's Avatar
    Loving everything about it. Fast browser for sure. The new options for email are there. Overall smarter UI. Love how from a miss call you tap to expand to reveal choices on how to handle that missed call.

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    05-16-14 02:03 AM
  3. PD in T-DOT's Avatar
    Hi guys

    Where did you find the Z10 autoloader? Main thread OP has no link. Guess I saw one from Thurask later in the main thread.

    Also is there a Z10 2,3,4 autoloader with. 296 base +. 442 updated bars? Lengend mentioned this was done in another post, but can't find it anywhere.

    In China on a business trip and getting impatient to get home and get this done.


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    05-16-14 02:33 AM
  4. Gearheadaddy's Avatar
    I autoloaded 296 and immediately loaded 442 updated bars using Sachesi 1.2.1.

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    05-16-14 03:15 AM

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