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    Jan. 2017 update : We strongly suggest you refer to this more recently updated thread :
    http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...taller-825409/ [/warn]
    While you might still find some accurate info here, screenshots are no longer (for a while!) valid and you may be a little offset from the current procedure. For the sake of it, I updated the ancient link that was not pointing anymore to a valid site. Thanks to member VH5 for alerting us about it.


    As per usual, this tutorial is a "do it at your own risks" one. Neither CrackBerry nor the author can be held responsible of any problem you may have after you choose to upgrade your device using this
    unofficial procedure unsupported by BlackBerry or Carriers.

    Unfortunately, many of us have lazy carriers when it comes to OS upgrade distribution.
    Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to get things done and get the best you deserve for your device. This method is for using an OS version officially released by a carrier other than yours.
    We will be using Sachesi, a desktop app created by CrackBerry member xsacha.


    Respect these rules of thumb:
    0. Read all this tutorial before you start. Have a global idea of what it implies.
    1. Do not start this if you don't have at least two hours; you can't speed up anything and this delay (~twice the minimum estimated time) must be in your mind.
    2. Always perform a full backup before you do this. ALWAYS.
    3. You should NEVER interrupt the process until it's over. This is a long process, just be patient as the progression % may be stuck or seem stuck sometimes. Just step away and let the process run.
    4. Use a genuine BlackBerry USB cable.
    5. If you can, avoid USB3 ports (recent computers) and choose USB2 ones.
    6. Last but not least: Check that you have +/- 1.5 GB* of free space on your internal memory. Unlike the OTA process, Sachesi --as of date-- does not check available space. If not, move/delete files and/or uninstall apps until you have enough space.
    (* this is an estimate based on a +/- 1GB total update)

    You will need the following elements/info:

    1. You need to identify the OS you're about to load on your device. Choose a working OS for your device type and model variant

    On your device, identify the exact type/model in Settings/About: Hardware (drop down list).
    Current options: [Z10 - STL100-x], [Z30 - STA100-x], [Q10 - SQN100-x], [Q5 - SQR100-x] (with x within 1-6 range).
    Don't bother, just write it down.

    You will also need specific country and carrier codes for carrier that did release the update.
    Look into this list, there's anything you need : https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php...e_country_code
    MCC is the Country code; MNC is the Carrier code; Brand is the Carrier name.
    [Guide] How to do Non-Destructive OS Upgrade with Sachesi-capture.png
    Country/carrier code samples

    Important note: All OS distributions are international. In theory, this means that if you respect your device type and model, any combination of country/carrier is likely to match.

    2. Download Sachesi (Windows, Linux, Mac) here: https://github.com/xsacha/Sachesi/releases

    Now let's do this!

    1. Did I mention to backup? If you haven't yet: DO IT! (Plug in your device, open Link backup/restore, perform full backup). You don't have the time? Stop here and come back when you do.

    2. Turn your device on Airplane Mode. That's a personal tip I use and it's strongly recommended, but not mandatory. (Settings/Networks and Connections/Airplane Mode)

    3. As you've just performed a backup, Link should be open. Close it. If you're a naughty student and didn't backup, be sure Link is not open as we don't want it to perform any sync or access to device behind the scenes. Remember by default Link starts when you plug in your device, so if you haven't changed that setting in Link you must wait up to 3 minutes to be sure Link is not starting/started. Anyhow: close it.

    4. Launch Sachesi and type/select the relevant info.

    [Guide] How to do Non-Destructive OS Upgrade with Sachesi-capture0.png
    Sachesi parameters sample (France/Orange/Z10 STL100-2)

    Then click "Search". If an update is available, you should get this :

    [Guide] How to do Non-Destructive OS Upgrade with Sachesi-capture.png
    Sachesi update found

    5. Click on "Download All" and let it go. Remember we're talking about large downloads here, potentially 1GB or more. Sachesi will download all upgrade files within a subfolder (under the one where you launched Sachesi) named as the OS version.

    [Guide] How to do Non-Destructive OS Upgrade with Sachesi-capture1.png
    Sachesi files download in progress

    Now, let the magic happen. Sachesi will fake your device and start a wired upgrade, exactly like if you had performed it OTA (Over The Air, via Wi-Fi).

    6. In Sachesi, now click on the "Install" tab and, if requested, type in your password. You should get this:

    [Guide] How to do Non-Destructive OS Upgrade with Sachesi-capture.png
    Sachesi install screen

    Hit the [Install:] "Folder" button and navigate/select the folder where Sachesi downloaded files during previous step. (Name of folder will be the OS version you're loading.)

    [Guide] How to do Non-Destructive OS Upgrade with Sachesi-capture01.png
    Sachesi selection of installation folder sample (sorry for French...)

    Click on "Select Folder"; the update starts :

    [Guide] How to do Non-Destructive OS Upgrade with Sachesi-capture02.png
    Sachesi update in progress screen

    Note that your device is now in Software Update mode... just be patient! DO NOT interrupt it.

    Leave your device alone, do not use it, do not unplug it... Just wait until the normal update process is over.

    7. When finished, Sachesi will display (hopefully) a success screen and your device will restart. (This can take a while, again: DO NOT interrupt, just wait.)

    [Guide] How to do Non-Destructive OS Upgrade with Sachesi-capture.png
    Sachesi success screen

    8. You can disconnect your device now.

    9. For good measure perform a device reset. (NOT same as a Restart) Hold down the top button (i.e. the lock key). Ignore the Restart option and keep holding down the button. After the LED flashes red, you may release the top button.

    10. Now go enjoy your fresh up-to-date OS install.
    Holy Zorro Batman: You're the best!

    Real life side notes:
    - I've been through the whole process while creating this tutorial and the total time (without backup, I'm doing this on a clean spare device) is approximately one hour. Add up to 1 hour for the backup.

    - When my device restarted, I experienced a freaky thing: I was unable to enter the device password; numbers were unresponsive. I canceled the security screen, waited for 5-10 minutes (I'm pretty sure there's a LOT of things happening during first restart and I don't like that much force interrupting those), then pressed the top on/off button and tapped "restart". This second restart was pretty long (~3 minutes+) but when finished, my kb was typing ok.

    Last but not least, a special hats off to xsacha for making my (and hopefully yours) CrackBerrian life better!
    Visit his thread and if you feel like me, there's several ways you can let him know, starting with a Thanks!

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    Please note:
    If you find any major error/omission within this Guide, please PM the author to ensure it's noted.
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